Le Bain

Let's Get Spiritual (Mental and Physical)

In 2020, NYC DJ The Duchess brings her party Spiritual Mental Physical to Le Bain and "you're gonna party like it's your last night on Earth, because it legitimately could be." For real!? The Duchess shares her plan.
THE DUCHESS: I founded Spiritual Mental Physical a.k.a. SMP in 2017 to throw the kind of parties that I wanted to be at, and champion the best of the Underground that I could see wasn't getting the shine it deserved. Each night features a range of music spanning every genre, played out using whatever format works, and in service to a crowd that is there for the thrill of it: to discover something new, meet somebody, hang out, get into trouble –whatever you want! The aim of every party is to give the guests the time of their lives. And I don't just mean the attendees –I mean the DJs too. Whoever comes to SMP, plays SMP –this is your time to go off. This is your time to do that thing and play that record and try that move that you've been holding back on. It's now or never. Get to it!
The Duchess with her 2020 SMP Residents: Blacklauren, John Silas, JR.Digitized
I've always been an all-or-nothing person. I truly believe that I could wake up one morning and that day could be my last. And so I do everything –work, play, whatever– without compromise. I don't live with regrets or what-ifs. SMP is an extension of that –you're gonna come with us and you're gonna party like it's your last night on Earth, because it legitimately could be. Noone is promised tomorrow. The line ups feature artists who I know are at the top of their game, no matter if they've 'paid their dues' or don't normally play with this kind of person, or deserve that time slot, or whatever. If you're good, you're good and you're going to get a shot.

"I do everything –work, play, whatever– without compromise."

For all of this year's parties at Le Bain I'm going to take risks on rising talent and my peers; put people along side each other in a night of play so that they can connect and build beyond just that one occasion. You're going to see a few names that you don't recognize over the coming months, and you're going to hear way more from my 3 residents: BlackLauren, John Silas and JR.Digitized. These are my 3 heroes right here. We haven't even begun this year and already they've taught me so much. These guys are running rings around everyone else in all different disciplines and genre pockets. Together they are the Mind Body and Soul of SMP for 2020.

SMP at Le Bain
Friday, February 14th 
feat. Ash Lauryn, Jadalareign & The Duchess

Saturday, March 14th
feat. Meftah, Olive T & John Silas

More to be announced! 


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