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Riton, Time To Make the Club Go Up

Fresh from his club hit 'Rinse and Repeat', our fav' Englishman in New York, Riton, plays for our reopening weekend with Dangerous Dan, Saturday, January 23rd.
LE BAIN: Last year ended on a massive high for you with your hit ‘Rinse & Repeat’. Did you really meet the singer Kah-Lo at Le Bain?
RITON: Yeah, that felt like a safe environment to meet my online buddy Kahlo for the first time. I was playing and it was her 21st birthday the night I met her, so we entered the club at 12 midnight! I can't even remember where I was on my 21st it was so long ago...
Riton Rinse and Repeat featuring Kah-Lo
Will you keep it ‘Acid Afro House’ in 2016?
Yeah, I've been compiling tracks in my new studio since moving to NYC last year! I've got plenty of analogue jams in the bag and some new tracks with Kahlo too... I'm in there constantly... I could be anywhere in the world right now and I would know what's outside of my studio prison - it's just the way I like it though.

What is your inspiration for the months to come?
Oh man, I love this new Champion and Four Tet track. It's right up my street - little vocal and ghetto super simple drum machine and synth traxxx...
Riton feat. Sage The Gemini Gas Pedal (Free Download) 

Saturday January 23rd, you will play all night with Dangerous Dan. You two have been pretty close. Will you bring Dan to Lagos when you travel there?
I can't think of anybody else I would have a better time with if I did. We went to Japan together for a week and I didn't see him shut his eyes the entire time - best, most generous guy in the world!

Saturday, January 23rd, Le Bain presents 'Single' featuring Riton and Dangerous Dan all night. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line. 

Header photo by Neil Aline

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