Getting Loose with Razor-N-Tape

We catch up with Aaron Dae and JKriv, the re-editors in chief behind NYC label Razor-N-Tape, before they return to Le Bain on Friday, August 24th.
LE BAIN: It seems like the Razor-N-Tape family keeps on growing, with the newest addition being DFA’s Juan MacLean. There are more than 60 artists with releases on the label, but I don’t think I see any women. Am I wrong? 
JASON: The RNT family does indeed keep growing, but unfortunately you are correct that we don’t currently have any female artists. It’s something that Aaron and I have been discussing lately, and we’d really like to bring some female talent onto the roster. We receive very few demo submissions from women, but if there are any reading this with some hot tracks needing a label home, consider this an open call to send them our way! 

I’m a big fan of POOLS’ album. I believe that was RNT’s first and only album release.
AARON: We also had LP-style releases, like Fatnotronic's Onde Anda and, more recently, JKriv's Ferias 77 Reworks, which both included various tempos and moods.

What did you learn from releasing an LP? Who will be next?
AARON: I'd say we learned that it's quite a bit of work compiling the right tunes, getting the art spot on, and coming up with interesting packaging. Jason and I are always up for the challenge, though! Funny you should mention POOLS as I was just in LA recently and in their studio, where they were showing me some sketches for a follow-up LP on RNT. Stay tuned... 

"Bring on the beach and hikes! "

You celebrated your 5th anniversary in April. Do you feel like you’ve entered a new phase with the label, learned a new dance step?
JASON: It’s definitely a big milestone, and we are always learning and trying to get better at what we do. Running an independent label that releases underground music in 2018 can be both humbling and frustrating at times. But it’s also really rewarding to see projects come to fruition--when you get the record in your hands and get feedback and support from DJs and fans of the music. As for dance moves, Aaron and I are still working on our Kid-N-Play style routine. Maybe we can premiere that at the 10-year anniversary party. 

Your motto, “Cut in Brooklyn // Good for Dance!” hasn’t changed, but has Brooklyn changed? And what makes you dance today compared to what made you dance five years ago?
AARON: Brooklyn has most certainly changed! I'd say some for the good and some for well, the not so good, but I won't get into an old man rant on that. In regards to what's making us dance now vs. five years ago, I'd have to say that when we started, we were feeling a bit more of a polished vibe production-wise, and now we've been opening up to the more gritty and loose side of things. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't like to get gritty and loose, right? 
Daniel T's "All Day" (Razor-N-Tape, 2018)

What would be the ideal 2018 RNT summer party set-up and location?

JASON: Le Bain's rooftop, of course! [Laughs.] I dunno…an RNT weekender on Fire Island maybe? Just haul a Funktion One system out to the beach on the ferry. Easy! 

Besides RNT, what keeps each of you (very) busy this summer music-wise?
AARON: We're pretty stacked with gigs throughout August into September, and Jason stays busy with production in his own studio as well as band work with Escort. However, we've both been trying hard this summer to get our chill on doing some non-music related activities. Bring on the beach and hikes! 

On Friday, August 24th, Le Bain presents Razor-N-Tape
feat. JKriv & Aaron Dae
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

Photo by Charles Steinberg

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