Le Bain

Patrice Scott, The Detroit Upright

We catch up with Detroit producer and DJ Patrice Scott, before he plays Le Bain on Friday, November 9th.
LE BAIN: How would you position yourself in the Detroit’s techno scene, its legacy and its future?
PATRICE SCOTT: I feel like I have played a major role in contributing to the culture of Detroit's music. I have done things my way with a Detroit signature stamp. As far as the future, I would like to think that when people talk about what transpired in Detroit during these times my name would be mentioned in some capacity. I would like to think that I have inspired others to be creative and follow their dreams.

Chicago House has been a major influence for you, especially Larry Heard and Ron Hardy. How would you describe the competition or interaction between the Chicago and Detroit dance music scenes? 
There is no competition between the two music scenes. The scene is too small in both markets to compete against each other. The interaction is there and always will be. Both cities have a mutual respect for one another and support what we are trying to keep alive, which is the true roots of this music and where it all started.

Patrice Scott live from Boiler Room

You’ve spent some time in Berlin, do you still have an apartment there?
Currently I do not have an apartment there. I spent time in the past in Berlin when I toured. It was just my base for a short period. 

Was Berlin an inspiration? 
Berlin had no impact towards my creativity or anything else music related. It was just a place to rest my head while on the road. 

Is there another city beside Detroit and Chicago that had an influence?

NYC and the 90’s house movement was a big inspiration: all those records produced by Masters at Work, Joe Claussel and Mood II Swing, just to name a few... The music and culture was spread to Detroit and myself, as well as many others, embraced it.

You released your first album Euphonium in 2015. At that time, you said your next album will be more ‘experimental’. Tell us about your most recent experimentations. 
I have released a new EP on my own imprint, Sistrum Recordings, which contains a track that has a hip hop vibe. The track is titled "A Song For Mia" dedicated to my lady. Also, I have a track on my EP for Second Hand Records, which will be released late November, titled "Are You Conscious?" which has a hip hop and neo-soul type of vibe to it. Stay tuned for more!

In the studio, what puts you in a groove? 
A nice whisky on the rocks! [Laughs]

Patrice Scott The Detroit Upright

You once said the “most crucial dance record of all time is (Chicago-born artist) Lil Louis’ "French Kiss". What is the second most crucial? 
In my opinion, it's Frankie Knuckles'"Your Love". Although Frankie put out countless 12 inches and remixes this was probably his most well known. This track influenced many future producers, DJ's and dancers.

And the third? 
Adonis' "No Way Back". This record was a huge commercial hit for Trax Records which released most of the music that was coming out of Chicago back in the 80's.

Is Techno still the music of the future, the music of tomorrow?
Techno will always have its place in this culture but today's generation is more open minded and willing to give other types of music (deep house, disco, etc) a chance. I see younger audiences embracing and accepting this music as a whole and not just being boxed in to one sub genre. This is refreshing and gives hope that this music will continue to thrive and be successful.  

On Friday, November 9th, Le Bain presents Second Hand Records
feat. Patrice Scott and Fatik
10pm | The Standard, High Line

Lead photo by Marie Staggat

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