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Nomi Ruiz, Her Deeper Self

Sunday, January 24th, Brooklyn's ultra diva / artist Nomi Ruiz (of Hercules, Love Affair, and Jessica 6) DJs for Le Bain's reopening weekend, alongside Night People's honcho Blu Jemz.
LE BAIN: What is the song that embodies last year for Nomi Ruiz?
NOMI RUIZ: Love Me Love Me Now by Curtis Mayfield. The moment I heard it, it became a staple at all of my house parties. Especially when the night would wind down and I was surrounded by my closest friends who wound up staying much later then the rest of the party. 
Nomi Ruiz Life Or C.R.E.A.M.

What are you looking forward to in 2016? 
Letting go of insecurities, discovering my deeper self through music and delivering my first solo album, which will define me as an eclectic artist who refuses to stick to one genre.

What can we expect?
It's going to be a mixture of all the different styles I've worked in: dance, r&b, hip hop, soul, electronic. Working with some new producers now on some more upbeat tracks. It's tricky trying to find the right blend of songs to pair up with all these different styles, so I will have to write lots of songs and see which work well together. I already have enough for two albums!
Jessica 6 Down Low
(Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff Remix)

Who shows you the way for the New Year?

Angelina Jolie is my ideal woman. She has a sort of effortless femininity to her. She remains elegant while also going against the norm, evolving in a way that inspires me and the world.

Sunday, January 24th, Le Bain presents 'Nouveau York' featuring DJ sets by Nomi Ruiz and Blu Jemz. Hosted by Gabriel Magdaleno. 9pm-3am. The Standard, High Line. 

Header photo by Gabriel Magdaleno.

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