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Night Doll: Listen and Wake Up

Night Doll, "the genre-bending bitchcraft Supreme of the New York underground," shares her favorite tracks of the day before she plays Le Bain's booth alongside NYC's It Boy and Girl, AHARAW and HD of Doomdab, on Monday, September 19th.
Jubilee's "Wine Up ft. Hood Celebrityy"
"The first single from one of my longtime favorite DJ's debut album coming this fall. It makes me sad that summer is ending. It doesn't have to end, though. Pass the margarita."

Rozay Labeija's "Little Sally Walker"
"It's impossible to not dance, swing your hair, and think you're the baddest bitch in the room when Rozay performs. Celestial Trax and him are a dream team."
Bassbear's "Not Nice Remix"
"Bassbear is low-key one of the best producers NYC has to offer. I don't know whether to hug a cute puppy or cry to this one. Many feels."
Suzi Analogue's "Sleeepinng ft. DJ Earl"
 "Whenever Suzi and Earl collab, they always surprise everyone with how awesomely off-the-wall they get. Crazy kids. Listen to the track and wake up."
Bulma's "Worth It" 
"Bulma's tracks make me wanna be a superhero. Actually, a supervillian. I just imagine being in full spandex slaying haters under the stars to this song."

On Monday, September, 19th,
Le Bain presents Night Doll, AHARAW and HD
The Standard, High Line, 8pm

Header photo by Lanee Bird

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