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Jubilee's After Hours

We sat down with Miami-raised, Brooklyn-based artist Jubilee before she plays the Chromat SS17 Afterparty at Le Bain on Friday, September 9th.
LE BAIN: You’re playing the Chromat Afterparty at Le Bain. What do you like most about Becca McCharen's fashion label? 
JUBILEE: DJing fashion things is weird, because the people immediately assume you are also a model. So usually I get to fittings and want to cry. I play music. I don't model. Some girl DJs are perfect for fashion, but I am not one of them. However, Chromat looks so good on me! It was the first fashion fitting where I walked out feeling confident and excited. They really have it down there in that showroom. I am obsessed. They also like to get weird and have great taste in music and DJs. I can't wait to DJ with the other girls on the lineup.

"Lobster meals and girls with no shame that just wanna have fun."

Last year, you told Opening Ceremony that your music “sounds like a Miami strip club in the after hours.” Is that still the case? 
Yeah, hell yeah. Tootsies is the perfect strip club to me. Lobster meals and girls with no shame that just wanna have fun. Love that place.

You once said: “In my high school, when you graduated, you either got fake boobs or a system in your car.” What kind of system did you get? 
I am in NYC, so I don't have or need a car anymore, but I had a small Toyota with a 250 watt amp and two Rockford 10-inch speakers in it. I listened to a lot of Miami bass mixtapes from my friends because they knew my favorite songs.

You moved from Miami to Orlando and then Orlando to NY in 2003. Could you tell us about a specific night in NY that had an impact on your life in the mid 2000s?
Direct Drive, the drum and bass party, had a huge impact on my life. It was also the first place I ever DJ'd. Also, Sway on Mondays, because that was the real Gs meet up; APT used to do a fire Sunday night/Monday morning after hours; and Studio B was a little ahead of its time.

Jubilee's Happy Magic City 2 Mixtape

Can you share one of your earliest childhood memories connected to music?
Buying 2 Live Crew records with my dad. 

During your teenage years, the background sound was Miami bass.
It just was all I listened to, because it dominated the radio. It totally influenced my style, because I lived with it all around me.

What are your favorite sounds without bass?
The beach, traffic, laughing, and muffled music from the other side of a wall.

On Friday, September, 9th, Le Bain presents the Chromat SS17 afterparty
featuring DJ sets by Jubilee, Lauren Flax, and DatKat
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

Jubilee's upcoming album After Hours will be released October 21st on Mixpak 

Header photo by Squid Stills 

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