Le Bain

In The Mix: Musclecars

NY duo Musclecars deliver another beautiful mix just for you, as they bring their party 'Coloring Lessons' back to Le Bain on Thursday, November 29th.
"This mix was done in one take and serves as a representation of what we play during the middle and end of our set. We both like to play a wide range of music during our sets, as it keeps us excited and on our toes. Another thing to know about our mixes is that we don’t plan anything. That means, if I want to play a jazz record with no kick drum, Brandon has to figure out what to follow up with. I think that part is the most fun for me."
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On Thursday, November 29th, Le Bain presents 'Coloring Lessons'
feat. Musclecars | 10pm | The Standard, High Line

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