Le Bain

Musa, Daughter of Zeus

New Orleans' Musa, "international fun haver," DJ, and photographer, shares her world before she plays in Le Bain's skyline with Blu Jemz on Sunday, April 10th.
Abstract 001 NYC. (35mm)
Curren$y in his El Camino in New Orleans East. (Digital)
Street NYC government housing across from my office where I squatted for 5 months in 2003. (35mm)
Taken from The Bedroom Series. (35mm)
Chance in my bedroom, me in his eyes. (Digital)
Blades of grass. (35mm)
Abstract 002. (35mm, color)
Taken from The Bedroom Series #2. (35mm)
Coby Cox: “Ceci n'est pas une...? ORAL PLEASURE.” (35mm)
This was a friend who, at the time, was heavily addicted to crack and heroine. He came from affluent parents (a politician and a TV anchor), who had just recently divorced. I spent the day photographing him before he left for rehab, and that was the last day we spent together before he left. He completed rehabilitation, and was sent to do mission work on a farm in Italy for 4 years, and has spent the last 2 years doing mission work in Africa. We talk about once a year, but it's like the person I knew is gone and haunting the person I know now. (35mm)
Boy Dreamy and his body after chemo. (35mm)
Post-K. (35mm)
On Sunday, April 10th, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring Musa and Blu Jemz (Night People).
9pm-3am at The Standard, High Line. 

All photos by Musa Alves.

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