Le Bain

Summer in The City: NYC by Mogollon

Enjoy summer in NY with Francisco and Monica of the creative studio Mogollon as they curate the art of our Select Summer Fridays party series.
Summer in New York inspires us to travel, to lay on the grass, to dance, to make picnics in the park, to make gazpacho, to wander around the city without a destination, to drink rosé wine or very cold beer… 

"Our favorite NY summer treat? Watching the sunset in front of the beach while eating the most delicious pizza at Whit’s End in Jacob Riis Park." –Mogollon

Mogollon Summer Mix 2017

"And when it's time to leave the city, we go to the most faraway point on Caribe Beach right by the big rock and the palm trees on Margarita Island, Venezuela [Monica], or any little town by the Mediterranean Sea [Francisco]."

This Summer, Mogollon curates the art for our Select Summer Fridays party series
Every Friday at Le Bain, beginning at 3pm | The Standard, High Line

Head photo by ioulex

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