Le Bain

In the Groove with Mike Simonetti

The 2MR label co-founder and NYC veteran DJ shares his four favorite music moments of 2017 before he plays all night at Le Bain on Saturday, January 20th.
Pale Blue
"In 2017, I wrote a LOT of music. I stayed home to spend more time with my kids, and along the way I wrote a shit ton of stuff. Most importantly, I feel like me and Liz fell into a writing groove (for lack of better word). We made three 12-inches and almost finished another full-length. It's very exciting."
"Acid Waves" by Pale Blue,
a.k.a. Mike Simonetti & Elizabeth Wight

Playing "
Hot Massin Pittsburgh
"This was such a great night and it gave faith in America as a place where quality parties can be thrown outside of major metropolitan cities. The crowd was mature, warm, and understood the idea of a four-hour set, the ups and downs... they got it. That's rare anywhere in the world though. Easily one of the best parties I’ve played in recent memory."

Making Adam Gerrard an official partner in 2MR
"Adam was originally brought in to the label to 'run the day-to-day' for us, but from the get go, both myself and [2MR co-founder] Mike Sniper realized he is the true force behind the label and the one with the enthusiasm... not to mention the one who discovered some of our most successful artists (Kedr, Gel Set, etc)…. He’s a great partner and an overall great person who can deal with me and my mood swings. G’day mate!"

Kedr Livanskiy's "Your Name" (2MR, 2017)
Playing long sets at Le Bain
"I’m not trying to stroke your ego, but it's quite rare to be able to play six-hour sets in Manhattan to a crowd that is willing to stick it out all night…You guys have been doing it right for years now, and you trust the DJs, which is really really rare in NYC... Manhattan is pretty terrible regarding clubs, but Le Bain is still one of the best in the city! Merci."
On Saturday, January 20th, Le Bain presents Mike Simonetti
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

Header photo by Beats in Space

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