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Jennifer Cardini: In Movement

JDH of Fixed sat down with Jennifer Cardini, the techno hero behind the label Correspondant, before they share Le Bain's decks on Saturday, November 12th.

JDH: How was your summer? 
JENNIFER CARDINI:  My summer was full of travels, music, friends, and good food. The many highlights include being a part of the incredible lineup Maceo Plex put together for Mosaic’s first season in Ibiza, playing for the sunrise on the Mayan Warrior during Burning Man, playing for the Nachtdigital Festival (a very nice festival in Germany, with a stunning program and a family feeling), and even if summer is over, I have to add De School as one of my 2016 favorites, as well as last month's Amsterdam Dance Event.

Dodo Jennifer Cardini

I don’t really stick to a sound or a vibe. It either works for me or it doesn’t. I have to be moved.

You moved to Berlin from Cologne this summer. Was it more a professional or personal decision?
I’ve always wanted to live in Berlin. I fell instantly in love with the city the first time I came to play Tresor Club a long time ago in 1998. At that time, I was based in Paris and our club Le Pulp was happening, so I decided to stick around. Berlin is such a great city that offers everything a big city can offer, but also has a quiet and peaceful side to it. A big plus is that Noura, the label manager of Correspondant, is from Berlin. It’s nice to finally have the possibility to meet for coffee and talk about projects instead of exchanging emails. The energy is totally different. Noura and I are also starting a new label, which will be focused on long format.

With Dave P at Fixed, we're obviously big fans of your label Correspondant. It seem like we play every release in our sets. How do you decide what you are going to release?
That's sweet and a great compliment coming from you two. I’ve listened to some of to your podcast and I know how much you two dig for music. Regarding the label, I try to listen to as many demos as possible. I don’t really stick to a sound or a vibe. It either works for me or it doesn’t. I have to be moved. In the past 5 years, we've released all kinds of music, it’s important for me that we stay in movement.

Correspondant Label Special w/ Luc Mast & Jennifer Cardini
(Red Light Radio)

What can we expect from you and Correspondant in 2017? 
We will be back with our yearly compilation in June. Die Wilde Jagd, Ricardo Tobar, and Yovav are joining the Correspondant family, and longtime family members will come back, of course. Expect some fresh music by Javi Redondo, Zombies in Miami, Man Power...

It seems like you have been coming over and playing in the US more and more. Do you like the parties here? 
Yes I do, and I love it! It gets better and better every time, and hopefully we will bring Correspondant to New York, LA, or San Francisco soon! There is a lot going on in Europe right now with so many clubs and festivals. We have different laws. Places like Berghain or De School have a 24- to 48-hour license. So it’s different in a way. I do have the feeling that cities like New York and San Francisco are really strong at the moment and that there is more and more going on.  

Any major differences between here and Europe?
When it comes to the vibe or the crowd, I do not see any difference. People in Europe and America share the same enthusiasm for quality music and love to party! 

On Saturday, November 12th, Le Bain presents Jennifer Cardini
with JDH and Dave P (Fixed)
The Standard, High Line | 10pm 

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