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Innovators: Nicky Siano

On Monday, June 5th, Giant Step presents its new summer party series, Innovators, featuring New York DJ pioneer Nicky Siano.

"If I wrote a book, it would be about the entire dance music industry, the Gallery, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, my relationship with them, how the records were introduced, how we found records, what record companies were doing to help us, and then hinder us, how I met Grace Jones, Loretta Hollaway, Arthur Russell, what he was like to work with….how the Garage opened, the steps that Larry took, where he played before the Garage. The Hollywood, Le Jardin, the first Limelight, The Loft, David Mancuso and my 40-year friendship with him, Studio 54, Buttermilk bottom, and on and on and on…"

"I got the opening night invitation a few days later in the mail. It was a thick envelope, 8” x 10”. Inside, folded four ways, was a 16” x 20” color POSTER. In 1977, this was unheard of. Club owners were still sending out Xeroxed flyers. We had surpassed that at the Gallery sending out a collage by our resident artist, Christopher Estridge, for my birthday, which blew everything else away. Now there was this, a whole new generation of club owners, and the way they thought creating a buzz should happen, it was impressive. That night, I put on my finest Fiorucci jeans (very popular at the time) and a silk Fiorucci shirt, grabbed my friend Louis and off we went to the opening of Studio 54."
Read the full story here

On Monday, June 5th, Le Bain & Giant Step present Innovators
featuring Nicky Siano and Natasha Diggs
The Standard, High Line | 8pm

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