December 04 2018

Hard To Read: The Disco Files

New York-Le Bain
On Sunday, December 16th, Le Bain presents Hard To Read: The Disco Files, celebrating the newly published expanded edition of Vince Aletti's classic document of the early years of disco music and culture, guest-curated by Prince Language, featuring Danny Krivit playing a 6-hour set!
For those not familiar with the book, the columns which it contains were some of the first journalistic coverage and critical writing about disco music and the nascent underground dance music scene of the 1970s published, and included charts dating back to 1973 from prominent DJs of the time.

After being published in a limited edition of 100 by White Columns gallery in 2009 in conjunction with a show relating to Aletti's work, it was later released by another small publisher but quickly went out of print, becoming a cult book sought after by dance music and LGBTQ history aficionados. This new edition is eagerly awaited, and also adds an interview with Fran Lebowitz by Aletti.

The Standard
The afternoon will feature a Q&A with Vince Aletti conducted by White Columns gallery Director Matthew Higgs, Morgan Bassichis reading from Douglas Crimp's Disss-Co (A Fragment) and a brief reading from Andrew Holleran's classic novel Dancer From, which contains probably the earliest fictionalized depiction of New York's underground discos of the mid-1970s.

It will be followed by a dance party with a truly legendary New York City DJ: Danny Krivit, playing a special 6-hour set of music exclusively from 1973-78, the period over which Vince Aletti was writing the original Disco Files column in Record World magazine.

Vince Aletti will be signing copies of The Disco Files following the Q&A and readings. Copies of the book as well as related titles will be for sale onsite from 2-4pm by Aeon Bookstore, and a limited number of copies of Love Injection Issue #43, featuring a cover interview with Vince Aletti, will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

On Sunday, December 16th,
Le Bain presents Hard To Read: The Disco Files
2pm-10pm | The Standard, High Line