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Eli & Fur, West End Girls

Sunday, November 8th, rising UK House duo Eli & Fur bring their London touch to Le Bain's dance floor.
LE BAIN: You'll be playing at Le Bain in the middle of your Thelma & Louise inspired US tour. In the movie, their road trip has pretty bad consequences. Are you sure you're ready for this?
ELI & FUR: We leave for this US this week, so who knows what might happen! We will stay away from any cliffs though. We like to have a lot of fun so we'll probably go as crazy as possible!
Eli & Fur are On The Run in North America this fall 
Do you sometimes feel like your career could go out of control or is everything carefully planned?
It's hard to plan everything to run exactly as you would want—We have hopes and certain goals, things we want to achieve—but part of the excitement is not knowing, nor being able to predict exactly what the future holds. We just want to continue working hard and doing what we love.

Speaking of the movie Thelma & Louise, do you see it more as a ‘neo-feminist’ manifesto or just a road movie of revenge and violence? 
It's definitely one of those films that plays around with female stereotypes. It does appeal to us personally, but to go so far as to describe it as neo-feminist—in our eyes, not really. If the lead roles were played by two men we wouldn't be analyzing it. It's good to take it with a pinch of salt. We personally enjoy it because it's got the perfect ingredients for a great movie: two bad ass girls having a good time and breaking all the rules. 
Eli & Fur Seeing is Believing Feat. Shadow Child

As New York based agency Discwoman told us, It’s pretty obvious that the electronic scene, especially in the US, is almost an all-male thing
at least on the very top. Do you think female DJs fight enough for their right to party? 
Yes, we do. It's just one of those worlds that has been primarily male dominated, just like so many other professions. It's just a product of history. It's all changing though. We really feel it doesn't matter anymore. There may still be more male DJs around, but It doesn't feel like (to us anyway) that there is any type of discrimination when it comes to women in dance music. And of course that's how it should be. There are so many great female DJs around now doing well.
Eli & Fur's latest mix

Beyond the under representation of women, do you think the dance music scene is sometimes stuck in ‘hedonism’ stereotypes, as disco was in its golden age? 
We are always of the opinion that the whole point of dance music is to have fun, dance, and enjoy yourself. Whether it be playing tunes in a club or releasing your own music, we want people to love the experience and be inspired.

Don't you believe in some politics of dancing?
We have, of course, come across certain individuals with strong opinions of how things should be done. People can get super passionate about what they like and don't like. And that's great. To be passionate and opinionated about what you love is important, but at the end of the day, it is about enjoying yourself. We like to take it seriously, but not take ourselves too seriously if that makes sense.
Eli & Fur You're So High
What’s the best thing happening in the London club scene right now?
There aren't really specific clubs that we go to on a regular basis. It's more certain nights and DJs that we go and see. We always love to play in London, if it's the right party and alongside other DJs we love. Then it's reflected in the crowd. London can be quite diluted—there's always a lot going on and so many different scenes, but the diversity of the city always makes it interesting and a great place to party. 

Sunday, November 8th, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring Eli & Fur (London). Doors 9pm. 

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