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Summer in the City: San Francisco by DJ Said

San Francisco's own DJ Said shares his favorite records for summer in the city before he plays Le Bain on Friday, June 30th.

"Heat You Up, Melt You Down" by Shirley lite
I have always loved this timeless classic since the first time I heard it around summer 1983. The keyboard solo is electrifying, the vocals are lovely and sensual. Such an epic pre-house music jam that is still relevant today.
"This Brutal House" by nitro deluxe 
A seminal, sexy, groove with this crazy melody. Outstanding! It was massive in the UK and US club scene around the early '90s. The track reminds me of the dark and dingy rave clubs in London. 

"Sunny" by Eli Goulart e Banda do mato 
Great Brazilian song with very lovely tropical vibe.  The track fuses soul and afro rhythm and tops it off with a sweet vocal. I love the jazzy, bossa elements.  This is one artist I would love to see live in an outdoor summer concert. The song is just incredible. 

"This track has the vibe of temperature rising and it brings out a vibrant energy." –DJ Said

"Distant Land" by Boo Williams 
Fatsouls Records
This classic Boo Williams sound is guaranteed to get you moving. It reminds me of cruising in the car on the PCH during a summer day on the California Coast... This track has the vibe of temperature rising and it brings out a vibrant energy.

On Friday, June 30th, Le Bain presents DJ Said and King Britt
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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