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Best of 2016: Justin Van Der Volgen

"Tons of good music is coming out all the time, and it's a fun and frustrating challenge to try to keep up with it." NY Disco DJ's DJ, Justin Van Der Volgen, shares some of his 2016 favorites before he plays all night on January 6th, the first Friday night of 2017.
"It's impossible to pick just one, so here are three I enjoyed, in no particular order:

Prins Thomas' Principe Del Norte
Thomas in ambient mode, a really nice listen all the way through.
Doing it in Lagos
An insane African boogie compilation.  
Michal Turtle's Phantoms of Dreamland
Music from Memory is pretty much a buy-on-sight type of label, and this release is no different."
"Here are five that I liked, but as with the albums, there are so many more. Tons of good music is coming out all the time, and it's a fun and frustrating challenge to try to keep up with it.

Mo, who used to be in the Glimmers; played this for me last year and I thought it was really good so I was psyched to see Ivan Smagghe put it out earlier this year.    
Modern, funky and playful sounding. Optimo's label is always releasing great stuff.
Eric did such a good job with this production- it's acid but not acid but still kinda acid. 
I don't really know anything about this track but it sounded almost heavy in its lightness when played loud on four perfectly set up Klipschorns in a fantastic sounding room at one of the best parties in the world called Limited Edition.
A low/mid-tempo psychedelic jam with guitar solo."

"The Black Mirror series was great. The episode where everyone's quality of life is determined by how they are digitally rated is funny...and also really, really scary. I also enjoyed the Andreas Gursky exhibition at the Gagosian gallery. His work on a large scale is a must-see."

"Seeing The Creams do a cover of Roy Ayers' "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" in Osaka. One woman, one guitar, one drum machine, and tons of noise. Very Sonic Youth/Suicide-sounding in the best way. It was pretty tough to tell what was going on, and then all of a sudden it was, "MY LIFE, MY LIFE, MY LIFE, MY LIFE,  IN THE SUNSHINE!"  She killed it." 

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