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London-raised, NY-based DJ Khalil shares four of his favorite records before he brings his party, Back To Life, to Le Bain on Thursday, April 5th.
LE BAIN:  Pick one of the early anthems of your London's hip hop party, Livin’ Proof.
KHALIL: Freeway's "What We Do" was a bit of an anthem at the early Livin’ Proof parties and really resonated with us going against the grain by doing a hip hop party at a time when everyone else in London was moving away from it. It isn't in heavy rotation these days, but it got played a lot around the 10th anniversary of the party last year and really got the crowd going with both the older regulars and the newer crowd. And, of course, it's produced by the big bro Just Blaze who's played Livin' Proof and been a regular guest DJ at Back To Life.

What's one record that convinced you that moving to NYC in 2015 was the right thing to do?
Myself and Sticky Dojah put Sampha's "Without" in a mixtape we made at Chris' apartment in New York when I was just visiting. The track still gives me goosebumps, and just reminds me of discovering the city with fresh eyes and the excitement and opportunity that comes with it. Having lived here close to three years now, it still takes me back to that special feeling.

What's one classic UK record from your party Back To Life that makes the New Yorkers go wild? 
Donae'o's "Party Hard" has got to be one of the few records that still get's played regularly at Back To Life. It's such a UK funky party classic. It definitely had a lot of plays in clubs in NY before us with its afrobeat influence, but even if people don't know it, they can't help but move to it.

What's one new record that will be a hit at Back To Life at Le Bain?

I don't think many people will know Proc Fiskal's "A Fragrance" (thanks to Tha Yellow R Kel for showing me this one). It just sounds like being in a proper UK club. A mix of jungle- and garage-influenced sounds layered with vocal samples. So good.

On Thursday, April 5th, Le Bain presents Back To Life
feat. Roska, Khalil, & Pauli the PSM
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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