Back On Top with Susanne Bartsch!

Let's get back On Top with Susanne Bartsch, as she returns to Le Bain every Tuesday for her weekly extravaganza. We asked the Queen of New York nightlife about her 2018 Summer Tops.
Your Top 3 Summer activities? 
Driving out of the concrete jungle with the roof down! 
Keeping my summer body going, at the gym, biking and swimming in the lake.
Spending as much time as possible in bed...and I don’t mean alone!

Top 3 Must-have accessories 
A pair of my Beauty and the Bartsch Lashes, quick and easy way wanna pump up your look and or makeup.
Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume... Perfect outfit even after taking off ones clothes. 
Lots of Wigs! You can rework any look with ever-changing hair.
Top 3 Nightlife Artists? 
Ryan Burke: His own makeup based looks never cease to amaze me! I’m honored whenever I can get him to do my makeup!
Linux: Her larger than life looks are always show-stopping! She always manages to make the most out of nothing!
Gage of the Boone: A founder of a Brooklyn based queer arts collective, Dreamhouse, with whom I’m honored to partner on my Kunst event and love him hosting On Top.
Top 3 books to read?
Just Kids by Patti Smith. Being one of the last one standing living in the Chelsea hotel I can relate to it so much. 
Erté, a gift from my son. A visual feast. Drag long before I was born [Laughs]. 
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Another gift from my son. A tale of romance turned Haywire, sexy and sad, such a classic 

Top 3 NY Summer Anthems?
'You Make Me Feel' (Mighty Real) by Sylvester
'The Music'  by HiFi Sean feat. Celeda
My 'Bartshland Follies' anthem!  (Song by Bailey Barton, Vocals Julia Rose)
On Tuesday, May 15th, Le Bain & Susanne Bartsch present On Top
10pm | The Standard, High Line

All photos by Robin Souma

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