Kevin Saunderson's Good Life

Kevin Saunderson Bounce Your Body To The Box (1988)

Known as one of the 'Belleville Three' (Belleville is a suburb of Detroit where he moved from Brooklyn when he was nine), Kevin Saunderson has been tagged as the originator of Techno since the mid-80s with two other Belleville boys (and best friends): Juan Atkins and Derrick May. In the late 80s, he founded Inner City 'by accident' with singer Paris Grey and the two released Big Fun and Good Life, two worldwide smash hits… Kevin Saunderson made history two times, the first time by experimenting with new machines and 'inventing' techno with May and Atkins and the second time by bringing it to a worldwide audience with the pop appeal of Inner City. No surprise his DJ sets know how to push the boundaries and please the crowd.

Friday November 15, Le Bain presents Kevin Saunderson (Detroit) and Justin Miller (Have A Killer Time). The Standard, High Line. Doors 10pm.

Inner City Good Life (1988)

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