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Kennedy Makes Us Curious

LE BAIN: Kennedy is a ‘Biannual Journal of Curiosities.’ We are curious. Tell us more about Kennedy’s latest topics?
CHRIS KONTOS: Our new issue is out in April. We're excited to host people like Paul McCarthy, a feature on the best fashion bookstore in the world, Le Comptoir de l'Image in Paris, looking back on white tablecloth culture in London, Manhattan according to Gitman Vintage's Chris Olderbing, the new collection of Swedish brand Our Legacy in an exclusive shoot, and a special guide to Tokyo from one of Japan's true underground heroes, DJ Nozaki.

Did you pick the name of the magazine for the glamorous, powerful, American feel attached to it?
That was one of the reasons since we wanted to pay tribute to the golden era of the Kennedys and the American publications of the time, especially National Geographic. The idea came to me though while listening to a song by the English band Wedding Present, called Kennedy that made think it was the name I was looking for.

What makes Kennedy unique in the spectrum of lifestyle magazines?
There is an almost intimidating release rate of magazines right now. A lot of new publications are looking to find a spot in the overpopulated market. It feels like one of the best times for printed matter. It's quite hard I guess to stand out with all these fine publications out there. Kennedy is different because its a really honest publication. We are not trying to be anything we are not. We are trying to look under the surface of things and find the trivial in every subject we deal with.

What's your process?
It's pretty raw, in a way. Our interviews are long and sometimes look unedited and most times they aren't. Kennedy is a really small independent project that has managed to reach a really wide audience worldwide. It's a magazine that feels nice to hold and read. No gimmicks or trying to impress anyone here. Journalism is not only a tool for bringing advertising to magazines. It needs to feel real again and we are trying hard to do that. People need to feel that they are reading something special, something they will revisit that makes them dream.

What will be the highlights of your NY Fashion Week?
I'm looking forward to our party with Emotional Response on Sunday night, catching up with friends, a visit to Saturdays NY and The Real Mccoys shop for a bit of last-minute shopping, cheap pizza, and taking loads of photos.

What’s the most exciting thing happening in Fashion right now?
The new summer collection from Our Legacy, the new Real Mccoys shop in London, Several from London, and I'm particularly looking forward to the new SS15 collection from Gitman Vintage.

And in music?
In the music field, my good friend Eddie Ruscha made a stunning LP under his Secret Circuit moniker on Emotional Response called Cosmic Vibrations Another firm favorite is Phantom Actors by Jonny Nash. A really great band to watch out for are Jerkcurb from London. I have been listening to a lot to Japanese anime soundtracks lately and I have been revisiting Blur's Think Tank, while trying to recover from a rather unhealthy attack of nostalgia.

Sunday February 15th, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring [Emotional] Especial w/ Stuart Leath (Chuggy), Jamie Paton, Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Kennedy Magazine. Doors 9pm. The Standard, High Line.

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