Karizma, Hear And Now

LE BAIN: You've been described as one of "House music's quiet legends” and “something of a mystery”? Do you agree with that?
KARIZMA: I don't think I'm a legend. I really don't get into any of that. I just feel blessed to be able to make and play music to my friends and fans.

Who is your favorite flamboyant House Music artist?
I wouldn't call him flamboyant, but Osunlade is a favorite of mine. Also church has always been a musical influence from day one. I'm a church boy, plain and simple!

Karizma featuring Osunlade Hear And Now

You're considered "one of the world’s most unique DJs” (FACT), thanks (in part) to your mastery of Pioneer's CDJs. As a DJ, what do you think is your greatest achievement? And what is your next goal?
I think my greatest achievement is getting people to think differently about how to play music and how to be creative with the technology given. The next goal? Orchestra.

And as a music producer, what would you say is your greatest achievement thus far?
Still being relevant is the greatest achievement, along with maintaining my relationships beyond the music side of things. That's the best right there.

Soul II Soul I Care (Karizma meets N'Dinga remix)

Your all-time favorite record from Baltimore?
Basement Boys Love, Love, Love is one of my all-time favorites because of the sentiment and the sample - that put me up on Jean-Luc Ponty... He's dope and I was always a fan of Noel Pointer, so that was a wrap for me.

You once said, in reference to the Baltimore music scene: 'It’s gotta be bumpin’ and it’s gotta have some bass.’ Where is the best place to visit this spring in Baltimore to get that ‘Baltimore bump’?
Paradox is the home in Baltimore! It's our version of Shelter. If you want to get beat down musically that's the place! (laughs)

Friday, April 24th, Le Bain presents 'Soultek' featuring Karizma (Baltimore), Les Carbonell and Steve Tek. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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