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Introducing 'Standard Moves,' Our New Yoga Tumblr

"The Titanic" demonstrated by Donato Helbling and Arianne Traverso members of our expert Standard Spa Team.

It's simple, pretty, and instructive. Introducing Standard Moves, our new health, yoga and fitness blog on Tumblr. Each gif, and that's gif with a hard "G" (which if you're unfamiliar is an easily shareable moving image) ... Anyway, each gif illustrates a specific movement. From the bicycle crunch to the headstand, the moves are demonstrated and explained by our teachers, spa members, instructors and friends.

Curious about how to get into the perfect scorpion pose? Enjoy watching someone do a spinning monkey? Ever wonder what exercises help with jet lag? Standard Moves is your new go-to. We'll be posting regularly so you'll want to start following us. It's basically the hottest free training session you'll ever get. So start moving!

• If somehow you weren't already following our original Standard Tumblr. Now's your chance.

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