Q&A: The Responsibility of Being an Ibiza Pride Queen

In celebration of Pride on Isla Blanca, we gathered with Ibiza Pride to host a fab dinner last week with our island queens. We sat down with 'Dragona' Roma to talk pride, fashion, & more .
What does it mean to you to be the face of Ibiza Pride?

It's an honor and a great responsibility. It's an opportunity to represent and celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ+ movement in this international scenario. It's also a platform to advocate through art and show the world that love and equality are fundamental. I am thrilled to be part of this vibrant community that inspires others to be authentic and proud of who they are.

"I am thrilled to be part of this vibrant community that inspires others to be authentic and proud of who they are"

You call yourself a "dragona" on social media -- can you expand on the meaning behind it? 
Hahaha, of course! It's a play on words: half drag, half woman (dona). I have always been accused of being an excessive woman -- and rightfully so, as I'm a child of the '80s! But there are many women like me in the world and the term "Dragona" seemed like a nice way to coin it.
What is your greatest fantasy & worst nightmare when it comes to a dragona's wardrobe?

In a dragona's wardrobe, the possibilities are endless and creativity knows no bounds. I want to feel like a goddess that descended on Earth and shines on stage. My biggest dream is headdresses that transform live, as if they have a life of their own. 

My worst nightmare would be opening the closet and not finding anything with sparkle! For me, the wardrobe is an integral part of artistic expression, and I always make sure to have options that make me feel powerful and unstoppable.

How did you get into this world?

Honestly, I don't know if I chose this profession or if it chose me. Acting, composing, and developing artistic projects feel so natural to me that I can't imagine living any other way. I have had the privilege of dedicating myself professionally to the world of entertainment for over 30 years. Throughout my career, I have worked as an actress, singer, dancer, composer, and stage director. I also have the honor of directing the "NU-CA" International Cabaret Festival so I am often called a "Renaissance Cabaret Performer" as well.

"Through music, significant social change can be inspired."

You just released Ibiza Pride's anthem "Ibiza Pride". How did it feel to have so many people singing and dancing along to your composition?

It was a mix of overwhelming emotions: joy, gratitude, and a deep connection with the audience. Seeing the audience united, celebrating diversity, and expressing their pride in such an energetic and festive way was truly inspiring. It was a powerful reminder of the importance of music as a tool to bring people together and convey messages of love, acceptance, and equality. It reaffirmed my commitment to music as a means of empowerment and spreading transformative messages -- through music, significant social change can be inspired.

For more information on Roma Calderon visit her instagram here and listen to her anthem here.

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