Your March Horoscope: The Rebel Planet Uranus exits Aries

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart (If you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!). This month's biggest takeaways: the rebel planet Uranus exits Aries!

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries, stop scratching; the 7-year itch is over. Uranus is exiting Aries on March 5th, releasing you from burdens of being conventional. Welcome back from holy hell. You are emerging as a reinvented you—emboldened, courageous, and fiercer than ever before. Conjure Lady Gaga, fellow Aries raising her just-won Oscar. What are you going to do with this profound, new expression of yourself? Uranus the transformative rebel of planets moves into Taurus. Now is the time to wake up your second house of money, self-value, and talents with dignity and confidence. Uranian energy is the rebel, the disruptor, where restlessness reigns. Flip that Bitcoin, demand the raise, showcase your freakin' talents and get paid for them. Don't get stuck in complacency; I dare you to be audacious in your reinvention. Patience, Aries, you've got 7 years to get it right. Then, look out; a celestial traffic jam occurs within hours of Taurus entering Uranus. The yearly New Moon lands in Pisces on March 6th, highlighting your 12th house of retreat. Please take this opportunity for pause. Go replenish, regroup, and be one with the universe. You've earned it, dear Aries. And then, there's no telling what lies ahead.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Get your weird on, Taurus! Uranus is entering your sign on March 5th for the next 7 years. Gear up for transformations of epic proportion. This is all happening in your first house of self-presentation and persona. Uranus is the rebel planet of chaotic, brilliant disruption. Don't be scared, Taurus; this celestial event breaks you free from all convention, constraints, and anything expected. How liberating! I kinda wish I was a Taurus... Hey there, are you still with me? Change is uncomfortable for you. But this is a rare opportunity to reinvent your entire life. Seriously. It's about being bold and showing the world your most authentic self—celebrating individuality without worrying about what anyone else thinks. Listen, this could be anything from getting gender reassignment to running for political office or perhaps both, you get to choose whatever... You've got 7 years to figure it out. The very next day, a yearly New Moon in Pisces highlights your 11th house of friendship. Please go and hang with your tribe; chill out with those who inspire you. Maybe share an edible. You'll need this connection to balance out the Uranus-inspired wild ride ahead. 

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, what's in your crazy closet? This month kicks off a 7-year cycle of inner truth and exploration. There's no escaping or hiding behind your twin. On March 6th, Uranus enters Taurus and activates your 12th house. This is center of the psyche; it's where you stash all the eccentric, anti-social behaviors you do not want anyone to see. Uranus, the planet of breakthrough and radical change, prods you to be set free. Stop with the sneaky self-sabotage. It is time to heal the ghosts of Gemini past, which prevent you from moving forward. Remember elementary English lit—well, I sort of do. Pretend you are Thoreau and find your own Walden Pond. Get out in nature; meditate, and learn to love the solitude and silence. Shhh. Oh, you brought your phone? Take pictures of trees and flowers, not selfies. Just think how much prettier and more serene your Instagram page will be. It's also a great time to connect with the divine—whatever that means to you! Meet a guru; join a universal cause; just to do something selfless. Your soul will thank you. Inspiration abounds internally and externally. On March 5th, your head honcho Mercury goes retrograde into Pisces. This occurs in your 10th house of career. The next day, a new moon lands in Pisces, in the very same spot. Slow it down... It's best not to make big decisions involving work; instead, get creative, trust your instincts, and listen to that inner voice. Sensing a theme—yes; it's not a time of action. March is the month to pause and envision the future. I know you've got 1,000 ideas percolating at once, Gemini!  Perhaps, you can drop it down to 500? Once Mercury goes direct on March 28th, you two crazy twins can hit the ground running again, perhaps a little more enlightened and tuned in. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer, bust open! On March 6th, Uranus, the brilliant, rebel planet of chaos, shifts into calm, earthy Taurus. Relax, oh, sensitive one. These two opposing celestial energies expand your world in the best possible ways. Uranus activates the 11th house of kindred spirits. Get out there and widen your social circle by making new friends. Connect with colorful individualists, progressive-minded people; seek out the weird and unusual. You'll thank me on the other side. This is also the time to become an activist, partake in a humanitarian cause, join a political campaign. We all know that 2020 is around the corner. Circulate, Cancer... There's no hiding out at home under the covers and eating gelato. Drop your outdated, habitual patterns of worrying about everyone and what they think of you. How liberating to be free of those insecurities! It won't be an overnight fix; Uranus is giving you 7 years to work this all out. On March 5th, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces. Open up that crown chakra and download the purple haze of universal intuition. Hey, you can do my reading next month! Your psychic connection is going to be off the charts. It's also a great opportunity to recharge, regroup, and get creative. The following day, the yearly new moon in Pisces activates your 9th house of learning, spirituality, and travel. Can you get off from work? If so, travel to some isolated Island to reflect and ponder the world. Ask an exotic stranger to take your picture and make that new friend. If you're home, travel vicariously... Tune in to Nat Geo, Travel Channel, even House Hunters International. Feel the expansion happening. 

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, who do you think you are? Well... I don't know; but I do know that you might be headed for an identity crisis, the very best kind. The major celestial event of 2019 occurs on March 6th when Taurus enters Uranus, the great planet of awakening. Uranus will not listen to your drama, Leo. Nor will he tolerate stagnation. Get ready because Uranus is going to break open your sense of self, especially when it comes to career. You're the sign of the zodiac who must love what you do professionally. If not, it's time for a complete overhaul. Chillax... I'm not saying that you have to quit your job tomorrow or do something inane to get fired. Change can happen gradually. But it will happen. Who knows; getting laid off could be the best thing to happen to you. If your career is on track, well, maybe you have unresolved mommy or daddy issues? Whatever the case, Uranian energy is forcing you to make changes. On March 5th, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, landing in your 8th house of finance, sex, and intimacy. This Mercury retrograde, take a pause, don't make any significant decisions regarding relationships, money, or investments. Put them all on hold. The next day, a new moon in Pisces lands in the same exact place. It is highly creative, spiritual, and inspiring energy. Pisces is a tender, empathic, creative energy. Your intimate relationships take on a delicate quality now: Sex Creative investments? 

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Rejoice, Virgo; you can finally break up with your shrink. For the last seven years, the rebel planet Uranus has been mining your 8th house of death, shared finances, and heady emotional "stuff!" It hasn't been an easy ride to say the least. On March 6th, Uranus enters Taurus, igniting your 9th house of expansion. Are you ready? Uranus is like a great awakener, guiding you toward different universes, literally. You'll have travel mania so renew that passport, collect those frequent flier miles and jet off. Learn! Take one of the not-so-practical classes you've always wanted. Get certified in mindfulness. Organize for an up and coming politico. Stay open without overanalyzing your choices. But please, Virgo, don't let this transformative Uranian energy go to waste. It will be hanging around your sign for the next seven, wondrous years. Oh, the places you and your mind can go! You do have pesky Mercury in retrograde starting on March 5th. I know this makes you very nervous. That's what herbs, supplements, essential oils, and edibles are for—extra precaution. Mercury will be dwelling in your 7th house of partnerships. Be mindful (that class will help!) of communication with your partner and loved ones. The very next day, Pisces' annual new moon also lands in your 7th house of partnerships. This new moon conjuncts Neptune, making it extra creative, dreamy, and inspirational. It's a perfect time to just chill with your partner, perhaps in silence, since Mercury is retrograde and everyone is super sensitive right now! Tread gently on the critiques. Maybe let the other person do most of the talking to be safe. Pisces is where devotion lives.  And Virgos care exceptionally for their mates. I need to date a Virgo! You need to relish in all of the exciting changes headed your way!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, you may want to have a cocktail while reading this one! The major celestial event of 2019 is coming your way on March 6th. Uranus, the planet of disruption and transformation, moves into your 8th house of intimacy, death, and money. Uranus wants to release whatever holds you back. Think of all those moments you didn't want to talk about "it," ignored rumblings of desire, or swept your feelings under the Flokati rug. Well, those days are over, darling. Breathe. I know confrontation isn't in your DNA, but it's high time for you to flex and learn. Dear Libra, you are going to have to deal with all the stuff that comes with deep connections or stay stunted. Do you really want stagnation? Uranus doesn't. And he has no issues with confrontation. Uranian energy is poised and ready to break down your walls of inhibition—sexually, spiritually and emotionally. Listen, this is a good thing; we all have our messiness, yours is just packaged prettier. I'd book that therapy appointment today. A little retail therapy always helps too. Speaking about money, that's another relationship you are going to have to address. I suggest you polish up on Excel, put together a budget and buy that lotto ticket. Uranus is so unpredictable; you truly can expect the unexpected. This will be a 7-year celestial process; so, at a minimum, your wardrobe will be amazing at the end. On March 5th, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces with a new moon joining in Pisces the very next day. Both fall into your 6th house of self-care, work, and the daily grind. My lovely Libra, gift yourself a spa day or two. Luxuriate, get a facial, massage, or bathe in aromatic salts at home. The new moon aligns with Neptune, sparking highly creative, inspiring, and spiritual energy. You've got to have faith and connect with the universe, whatever that means for you. Self-focus is critical for your renewal. Do be careful in communications with coworkers as everyone is incredibly sensitive. Tears can flow in a second; try some tenderness instead. Libra, be bold and be brave!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio, lover of intensity, it's about to get intense. You always want the brutal truth, so, here it is... A major celestial event of 2019 occurs on March 6th when the planet Uranus shifts into Taurus. Uranus energy comes around to break you out of complacency. Uranus enters your 7th house of committed relationships and calls for a major overhaul. You are going to be restless, yearn for excitement, and seek out adventure. Think 7-year itch, like when you go out for coffee and never return? That's Uranus dwelling in your 7th house. Those of you in relationships, get ready for issues to arise. Change will inevitably follow, and thank goodness! Without it, your relationship can become like a stale loaf of bread. No one does carbs these days, anyway. So, how great that you and your relationship will be receiving an infusion of vibrant energy, making you feel more alive and alluring once again? You will be attracted to the unusual, weird, and ultra stimulating. Single Scorpios, you will not find warm and cuddly hook-ups. Get ready for new romantic partners who are charismatic and mercurial one-minute, passionate and aloof the next. Confusing, but it will keep you on your toes! Tune in as it's a time when you meet "the one" and just know it or ditch the person you know is wrong. Scorpios resist change; you hold on to the status quo for dear life, even if a relationship has been over for years. Please just embrace whatever comes your way; it will transform and move you forward. Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces on March 5th, activating your 5th house of creativity. How fun! Finish that art project, home reno, or other creative projects you've been waiting to do. Mercury also invites you to take pause. Slow it down, Scorpio. You don't have to return a text or email as soon as you hear the ding. Find time and space for yourself. The new moon lands in Pisces on March 6th, further highlighting your focus on creativity. This moon is inspiring, spiritual, and dreamy. Tap into its luminous light. Blast your music while you dance around naked with a lover, sing, indulge, and let loose, Scorpio. 

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius, ready to soar? I know the mundane often bores you, but now things get interesting. On March 6th, restless, rebellious Uranus enters your 6th house of the daily grind, work, and health. Uranian energy demands transformation. And some playfulness. Watch as Uranus livens up that to-do list. You've got to check it off, okay, but Uranian energy will prevent you from turning into a robot in the process. Download the latest app to organize tasks; buy a Rumba to sweep the floors, find a sexy robot to take charge in the kitchen. Uranus also wants to free you from a stagnant job, and is on a campaign to reform your professional goals. You may have the urge for independence, self-employment, or better yet, to work remotely and watch the robots clean. The point is, Sag, you crave freedom and excitement and abhor the same ol’, same ol’.  So, banish monotony while chanting your mantra "don't reign me in!" You'll be inspired to learn new skills: think out of the box, start a new gig, create an app of your own. If you're stuck, you'll get unstuck. Just think how much better your life can be with an infusion of vigorous Uranian energy. How lucky... You get to indulge in it for the next seven years! With all of this change happening, please don't neglect your health. Keep up with appointments; hit the gym; and gulp down some green drinks. The new moon in Pisces occurs on March 6th, landing in your 4th sector of home. This new moon is joined with Neptune, spreading an energy of healing, renewal, and creativity. It's a great time to stay home, wrap yourself up in a weighted blanket, and get replenished. Invite over friends and family; tell them to bring their own weighted blankets. They'll thank you! Chill together on the sofa and allow your imagination to take flight. Do watch out for miscommunication with family, especially, as Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th. Sag, you can be tactless, so resist the urge and zip it. All in all, it's a fabulous start to vibrant Spring!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, fun times are ahead—finally! Uranus has been disturbing your inner peace for the past seven years. All of that family drama, old wounds in your face... DONE! Now, I get to be the bearer of good news. On March 6th, Uranus moves into Taurus, lighting up your 5th house of creativity, love affairs, and kids. You have carte blanche to let loose for a change. Give voice to your inner freak. Uranian energy is electrifying Cap's creative side. Maybe join a community theater, read poetry in a local slam, buy an adult coloring book. Your love life will feel this same heightened charge. You'll be attracted to the unusual, weird, and eccentric. Choose the strangest one of them all and full-on go for it, ok? You know that you can take life way too seriously. Don't worry; you'll still be able to call the shots. Coupled Caps, you may find those restless eyes roaming; please be subtle about it. And heed this, break up with your significant other before consummating an affair. If you have kids, expect some rebellion. Just give them some space; being a dragon mother will get you nowhere but into the fire. Uranus will stimulate this lighter, house of fun for the next seven years. Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th, landing in Pisces, your 3rd house of communication. Triple check those emails; be extra kind with your words; try even more tenderness. Now is the time to choose your favorite happy face emoji (there are so many now, right?!) in your text messages and emails. The new moon on the 6th also falls in Pisces, activating your 3rd house of communication, mind, and community. Commune with the neighbors, even with family as all is now cool. Open up and thrive during this happy time, Cap! How I love giving you good news Capricorn! 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius, changes on the horizon... Your El Presidente, ruling planet Uranus, is making major shifts. On March 6th, he enters the sign of Taurus, highlighting your 4th house of home and family for the next seven years. This is a rare opportunity to be rid of the emotional hold family has over you. It's hard to grow up. But you're not Peter Pan. So now is your chance. Uranus insists that we liberate ourselves from infantile needs. Get to it. No doubt, you've got some personal work to do. It will be so worth it; I promise. Find a healer, book that therapy appointment, and set yourself free! You may have the urge to relocate, run away from the sameness of your surroundings, follow that inner gypsy to travel the world. Before you sell all of your belongings and live the nomadic life, why not try some short-term escapes first? Remember, Aquarius, you're dealing with drastic inner and outer changes; but remember, you still take yourself with wherever you go. Need it a different way? Wherever you go, there you are! So, how about we try rearranging the internal furniture first? The annual new moon in Pisces occurs on March 6th, landing in your second house of self-esteem and talents. Tune in and shower yourself with love. Showcase your talents. Be creative about this process, Aquarius, because your unique talents and abilities can also inspire financial reward. Hang on; there is a catch. Mercury goes retrograde in the same spot as the new moon a day prior. It's best to take a break; put the cell down; and look up at the sky. It will do you a world of good. Cheers to healing and change, Aquarius!  

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Happy birthday, darling Pisces! Your yearly new moon occurs on March 6th and lands in the 1st house of YOU! How apropos. This wondrous new moon joins your ruler, Neptune. Get ready because it is going to be like Pisces on steroids... You're the visionary, dreamer, creator of illusion and glamour. Pisces make magic happen. What are you going to pull out of your birthday hat? The new moon is infusing you with Neptunian inspiration; so, plant those seeds and envision what you want for the year. Hint, hint: think career. Jupiter, the planet of luck, is ready to help you advance professionally. A raise? Ask for it. Itching for a new path? Find it. Work while traveling the world at sea? Sail away. We are in Neptune territory where dreams become a reality. Though Mercury is in retrograde, it isn't creating too much havoc. Still make sure to show up to work on time. And with all of your Piscean sensitivity, please practice self-kindness. March 6th sees the major celestial event of the year when rebellious, radical planet Uranus moves into Taurus and your 3rd house. Uranus, planet of positive upheaval, is lighting up your brain and overhauling mental processes. Your mind is restless, ready to learn, and process information differently. Electric brain! You'll be able to think faster and more intuitively. There will be flashes of brilliance. I hope I can keep up. Uranus will balance things out with a healthy dose of detachment, preventing you from feeling too hurt or defensive with others. If you have siblings, you may be in for a few surprises; they are going through their own turmoil. Stay patient. It's a great time to learn meditation and cultivate mind over chatter. By the time of Uranus' exit, your 3rd eye of intuition will be wide open. Use it! Dream it. When you blow out those birthday candles, your wishes can indeed come true. 


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