Hannah Diamond Is A Girl's Best Friend

Hyper-pop princess and absolute sweetheart Hannah Diamond hosted a listening party for her second album Perfect Picture in a Suite Spot last week. We had a quick pre-party dinner with her in Decimo and ended up chatting internet lurking, Heaven and ambient trance music... see for yourself. 

Can you tell us about a collaboration that had a particularly memorable or unexpected outcome?

I think the collaboration that had the most memorable and unexpected outcome is my collaboration with A.G. Cook, which basically led me to become a musician and do the career that I do now.

I met A.G. Cook and became friends with him when I was at university and we were working on pretty similar projects. At the time I was studying fashion communication, making images of my friends and turning them into pop stars and thinking about iconic, I guess, semiotic images of how to make people seem larger than life and turn their personalities into images. At the time, A.G. was doing the same with music and making songs for his friends. We started working on a couple of songs together just for fun and I didn't think that that was gonna change my life. I thought we were making something fun as friends and then it kind of became both, which is really cool. I discovered that music could be something that would be a really fun and enriching career pathway for me.

Describe your internet presence in three words.

Elusive, Pink, Lurker.

Related to online, how are you, if you are, a reflection of the internet age? Like coming up as an adolescent, like first gen to come up as an adolescent on the internet?

I think that in a way a lot of my music and images and my visual starting point stem from ideas about post-internet. I think that in some ways you could kind of categorise what I do as being kind of related to post-internet art in a way. That's basically like art that's made about the internet which I think only really happened to people that grew up without it and then with it.

Can you give us a song that you like to listen to when you're writing in your bedroom?

Well, it's not necessarily like one song in particular, but I listen to a lot of ambient trance stuff when I'm chilling out. Maybe I'll just give you the first one from my playlist. Okay. This one is a good one that I listen to a lot actually. It's, What Am I Doing Here Part One by Chicane.

Can you draw us the most prized possession in your bedroom?

Favourite place in London to play music?

Probably Heaven.

Favourite place in London to party?

This is tricky. Probably my house.

Favourite place in London to be outside?

Hampstead Heath.

Favourite restaurant?

I really like Hoppers.

Favourite bar?

Bar Italia in Soho, even though it's kind of like a coffee spot, but I like going there.

Favourite place to see music?

Heaven holds a lot of fun memories for like PC Music and SOPHIE and me and like, yeah. I think we've all had some very memorable shows there, so that's kind of like why for me anyway.

Shag Marry Kill: Tumblr, MySpace, Instagram

I think Tumblr's the marry because it's just a friendlier space. We could probably kill My Space because it's already dead. Wouldn't be too aggressive. Do you know what I mean? So yeah, I guess that's how it goes. 


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