Kate Halfpenny's Tips for a Full Fab Wedding

The 'cool bride' guide to London I dos.

Kate Halfpenny, founder of Halfpenny London answers our questions about all things bridal. 
Describe the Halfpenny bride in five words?

Halfpenny. Is. For. Every. Woman.

What are you predicting to be the reigning trends for cool brides in 2023?

The trend for statement sleeves is still ever present. At Halfpenny London we make them detachable so you can update your look from day to night. Magical big, detachable overskirts are still reigning champions in the boutique. I think texture in the materials and fabrications of the dresses are coming back because we’ve seen an awful lot of very simple, clean, graphic looks so I’m excited to be experimenting with new fabrics for my A/W23 collection. I also think that a change into a micro mini for the evening is going to be more popular than ever. We have an amazing edit about to launch this spring with NET-A-PORTER so keep your eyes peeled.

How do you feel about dress changes? Are you supportive of a different dress for each aspect of the event?

We are renowned for our interchangeable separates which give you the opportunity to go from day, to dinner, to night, to the dance floor with all different forms of additions, like adding on a sleeve or a bow, or removing a delicious overskirt to reveal the slinky dress underneath. It’s not always necessary to physically change the actual dress although we do encourage that too as it is fun to have more than one look.

What do you think is the most timeless bridal accessory?

I love a simple, elegant, silk tulle veil. It can instantly make any outfit bridal. I’m a huge fan of veils – when else can you wear one! Lots of mine have texture but you can’t beat just a simple veil. It doesn’t even have to go over the face, it can just be placed at the back of your hair or even off the back of your dress to float gracefully behind you.


Do you think brides are moving away from tradition? Non-white dresses, pantsuits, etc? Is this a fad or a longer-term trajectory? 

 Women these days are being the brides they want to be so if a pantsuit is for you then go for it! I think it’s the fact that they’re not subscribing to tradition or trends and are being true to themselves. We seriously encourage women that come to come to us for their wedding outfit to express their identity and personality through the look they choose and if a very simple mini dress is the vibe then we wholeheartedly encourage it. Don’t feel that you need to have a gown, or a train, or veil to feel bridal. If a cute puff-sleeves top and fitted Mikado trousers worn with a blazer is more your style then that’s perfect! There are no rules. We can style sheer skirts over trousers, or drape a delicious cape over a slip dress so I don’t feel any fad or trend is relevant to these choices. It’s about how that specific woman wants to feel on her big day.

Being based in central London, do you find that many city brides opt for city weddings? 

Absolutely not. We don’t just see brides from central London, they travel in from all over the world to see us because we have such a huge edit of interchangeable looks and their weddings could be a five day event in Puglia, a weekend in the Cotswolds, City Hall in New York, or a celebration at The Standard with an amazing reception at Decimo. We cater for so many different brides and all their weddings are unique, which is such a delight. The Halfpenny London MD, Jessica, celebrated her wedding reception at The Standard actually and it was an incredible day, even though it was between lockdowns in 2020. The Standard helped me arrange an intimate dinner for Jess’s guests and did everything to make it special. It was a magical day with spectacular views and delicious food and of course she was a Halfpenny a bride too.


What are the most important aspects of a wedding venue? 

Other than the couple loving the personality of the space they’ve chosen, the most important aspect of a wedding venue is that there is an abundance of delicious food and drinks, especially after a wedding ceremony as there’s nothing worse than turning up and not being given a canape or drink, but then I am a foodie! The Standard, for example, has such gorgeous décor and is full of inspiration for couples to enjoy. Equally, I just think that there are so many different environments you could have your wedding in so it’s difficult to say, but the fact that everyone is together is the main thing, whether that’s in a field under a tree, a stately home or in a fab hotel.


What do you love about weddings in London? 

It’s such an iconic city steeped in history so what’s not to love! The city is always thrumming with energy. It’s so vibrant and there’s always something exciting happening. There are points of interest everywhere you look, from incredible, statement, architecture, to sculptures, to art, and it’s great to be surrounded by that for your big day.

Halfpenny London was created by Kate Halfpenny in 2005, originally as a bespoke bridal dress business born from private commissions, solely driven by word-of-mouth and Kate’s reputation for styling some of the world’s most coveted VIP’s, including Cate Blanchett, Emilia Fox, Kate Moss and Rhianna. From the very beginning, Kate’s contemporary designs and refreshing approach to bridal wear and accessories made an immediate impact within the luxury bridal category, appealing to fashion-conscious, style-savvy women with a desire to express their individuality and, put simply, look and feel incredible.
Today, Halfpenny London continues to be designed and handmade within the UK and Kate’s collections have been worn around the world by brides and style icons on the red carpet, attracting an enviable client list of industry influencers from film, music, fashion, art and beauty.
Halfpenny London is proud to design and make in London, England.


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