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Etienne de Crécy

Sunday, October 11th, French Touch superhero Etienne de Crécy returns to Le Bain with a new Superdiscount.

LE BAIN: You've said “Knowledge and experience are a handicap when it comes to making good House or Techno productions. This music must be done with innocence!” With more than 20 years in the business, what’s your trick for retaining that innocence? 
ETIENNE DE CRÉCY: My trick is to change my gear! With a new synthesizer or a new rhythm box, I’m surprised by the sound and I can keep it simple. It’s a bit expensive but it's worth it! (laughs)

Etienne de Crécy You (Superdiscount 3) 

once told a story about checking in at the hotel after performing at a festival and the person at the desk asked you "Are you Etienne de Crécy's father?" Are any of your (3) kids interested in a career in dance music?
My kids aren’t really interested in a career in dance music! They have their own interests. We don’t listen that much Techno at home. They love indie rock like Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club, Hot Chip.

You said: "I’m trying to not answer any questions about French Touch. It’s harder than giving up smoking!” Was French Touch such a bad habit? 
Yes! I’m filtering Disco samples secretly! 

Etienne de Crécy Hashtag My Ass

Speaking of that, I bet there's no memory in your career that beats the one of you discovering Techno and House in the early 90’s cruising around Paris looking for raves with your buddies Philippe, Hubert, and Alex, am I right? 
Almost right. Alex Gopher and Hubert Boom Bass weren't in the rave at that time! But it's true, I’m still working on my music with the memory of that illumination I had in early 90’s raves, and I try to convey that computed music can generate stronger feelings BECAUSE it’s computed!

What do you think is better: the trip or the destination? Some studies even say that getting ready for the trip is the best. Do you agree? 
What kind of trip are you talking about? 

Sunday, October 11th, Le Bain presents 'Nouveau York' featuring Etienne de Crécy alongside Tribes DJs (Matt Fx, Hiyawatha & Jake). Doors 9pm. The Standard, High Line.

Header photo by Marie de Crécy

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