In Sweeties with Emma Corrin

We spent 10 minutes with The Crown's Emma Corrin at her birthday bash in Sweeties bar on London's 10th floor.

Where were you when you were offered the role of The Crown and what was your reaction?

I had been brought to this huge house in the countryside where they were busy filming season 3, and I met Josh for a chemistry read. After we’d done the scene a couple of times the director Ben Caron turned to Suzanne one of the exec producers and whispered ‘can I do it? Can I do it now?’ and he turned to me in front of everyone and said, ‘will you be our Diana’. It was like the world’s best proposal. Can’t remember much after that think I might have blacked out.

How’s your life changed since the success of The Crown?

I feel lucky that the series came out during lockdown – it meant that I was somewhat protected from what could have been a hugely overwhelming time, most of the press and publicity I did was from my little flat with all my friends who I’ve known and lived with for years. I think acknowledging that has taught me the significance of keeping grounded, and keeping your ‘day-one’s’ around you!

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

Work! I’m moving to New York for a while to shoot a series called Retreat which I’m incredibly excited about. I also hardly know the city and can’t wait to explore it.


We love your unique style – what are some of your favourite looks you’ve worn?

Honestly, everything and anything Harry Lambert puts me in. Some of my faves we have collaborated on has to be everything I wore for our Buffalo magazine shoot, the Schiaparelli I wore for the Critics Choice Awards and my Emmy’s outfit designed by Miu Miu and Harry.

We know you’re close with our designer in residence Harris Reed – what do you love about Harris and his work?

I so admire and respect everything he has done and continues to do to bring fluidity and the conversation about gender in fashion to the forefront. He is supremely talented, any time I wear anything of his I feel like I am living out my Orlando fantasies.

What do you love about London?

The sense of home, familiarity and my friends.


Describe your dream London day – where you’d visit, what you’d eat, who you’d see.

I love mornings, early mornings when it feels like stolen time. I wake up, take my dog out on an early walk on the Heath with my flatmates, have a swim in the ponds and get a coffee and a loaf of bread then go back home and face the day.


What’s your favourite spot at The Standard and what do you like to order?

Definitely Decimo, I’ve shared some great meals here and the food is so good I normally order most of the menu.


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