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Downtown Party Vilnius

Chatting with Lithuanian disco producer Downtown Party Network before he hits Le Bain, Friday, October 9th.
LE BAIN: Are you still based in Vilnius, right in between Berlin and Moscow?
DOWNTOWN PARTY NETWORK: I've been traveling a lot lately, but I still run my residency there at Opium Club. I love the scene in Vilnius - there's always a special energy on the dancefloor. I find people like to connect with the DJ, and they're really into the music...but the city is small, so let's say the club scene is a cozy one!
Downtown Party Network Space Me Out 

Do people look up to Paris, London, New York, Berlin? 
It's kind of a mix, but I think Berlin's scene is the most influential. People are more into that Techno side. 

You're definitely more into the Disco side. Do you remember when you fell in love with Disco? 
It was when I heard the first album by Metro Area...that was about 13 years ago. Metro Area made me dig deeper into Disco music. Morgan and Darshan (of Metro Area) have been very influential. I booked Morgan at my party in Vilnius and in Saint Petersburg! When we released our first record Days Like These, back in 2009, it sounded very disco and our name was a tribute to the disco sound of the 70's, the downtown scene. 
Downtown Party Network Keep On Running (Futureboogie)
You've been releasing remixes and tracks on labels all over the world. Are you traveling as much?
Lately, yes. 2015 was full of nice trips, from Further Future Festival in the Nevada desert to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, but also in the UK, Russia, some nice gigs around here. It's always great in Berlin. I like to play a lot in Moscow, as well. I needed some time for myself to explore new places. And I'm sure I will like New York a lot! It will be my first time here!

That's great! Would you say your style has mutated since 2009?
I like everything, from Techno to Disco, even Drum'n'Bass... but my own music has always been on the Disco and House side. 

Your latest photos are not very disco though (laughs). Do you think there's a dark side of disco?
There's always a dark side of disco. It can be deep and melancholic and trippy. That's what I like. 

Friday, October 9th, Le Bain presents 'Razor-N-Tape' featuring Downtown Party Disco, JKriv and Aaron Dae. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line. 

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