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THE STANDARD: Congrats on your previous release on Doom Dab by Thurmon Green. It's an amazing EP. Tell us about Thurmon, how did you two meet?

AHARAW: I couldn’t agree more, I am blown away by how cohesive a body of work it is. Thurmon and I got close during the Good Kids parties at Home Sweet Home, which were also where some of his earliest performances took place. We began working professionally once The Grind was ready to be released; Adolphus is the culmination of a ton of effort and time, it is a perfect introduction to a blossoming artist.

Thurmon Green Like That (Produced by Billy Scher / Doom Dab)

You received really good reviews from Interview and Dummy magazines. Dummy describes the EP as 'experimental pop.' Is that a good definition of what you want to do with Doom Dab in general?

I do think this is a good definition of our intention with Doom Dab. Simply put, we want to release music and create audiences for our artists, but the way that we choose to go about this could be seen as ‘experimental.’ We want to make music that is both innovative and timeless. We want people to memorize our lyrics and melodies with the hope that those things evoke emotion. Pop music is about making something onto which others can project their own personal experiences; pop music is about empathy. Through Doom Dab we aim to build a platform on which artists can materialize their dreams and develop a relationship with their audience.

The Next Doom Dab party will feature a live performance by Kay Rizz for the release of her new single Imagine If on Doom Dab. Are we still in the same mood as with Thurmon?

Kay Rizz is a gift to humanity, her energy is infectious and sincere and that is precisely what one can expect from her live performances: raw, powerful energy that can transport an audience to another dimension. Her new single Imagine If is an epic love story with a tragic ending. Lyrically she draws from self-made folklore, and instrumentally from hard-hitting, classic, transcendental dance sensations. This release takes us to a bright, sparkling dance floor, where love is the motivating force.

Stryker Matthews Low Roads (Doom Dab)

What about your own album as AHBS? How would you describe your own production process?

Billy Scher and I took the Reggeaton we hear in Bushwick (our neighborhood), what we have been playing in the club, and crossbred them. What we came up with is something I believe to be entirely unique, a Latin infused electronic dance album with a very present pop element. We have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented vocalists we know (Kay Rizz, Jay Boogie, Dyck Van Dyck, to name a few) but want the album to live during the spring/summer, so we have postponed the release and are taking the winter to write a few more songs. You can expect the lead single accompanied by a masterful video to drop very early 2015.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in NY nightlife right now?

Positivity rules. It's cool to be polite, (somewhat) approachable, and friendly - there is no patience for rudeness.

Wednesday, October 8th, Le Bain presents Doom Dab's Imagine If Release Party featuring DJ sets by Julianna Huxtable, Telfar and Doom Dab residents. Live: Kay Rizz. Hosted by Jay Boogie and Thurmon Green. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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