Don't Question Stan, Bruce Weber

In the midst of all the madness of the past day (and the upcoming six!), I was able to take a moment to sit down with my good friend and famed photographer, Bruce Weber. Tonight, he'll be at The Biergarten at The Standard, New York to celebrate Fashion's Night Out with his very own pop up store debuting his men's underwear, Weberbilt. Before you come by, make sure to get all the intel via my uber-exclusive interview below…

You've been taking photos for over 40 years. How has the art of the picture changed since you started and where do you seeing it heading?
Now a days there are so many different kinds of photo equipment. If I was starting out now I would have a nervous breakdown because I wouldn't know which to buy. When I first started taking photographs, my friend the photographer Otto Fenn taught me about always keeping your equipment simple. I use my trusted Rolleiflex’s and my Pentax 6X7 with any kind of film we can still find. For filming, I’ve had the good luck of getting a small digital video camera which they’ve named for me after my dog True.

On Fashion's Night Out, you're presenting a style of underwear called Weberbilt in pop up shop at the Biergarten at The Standard, New York. Rumor has it that you started making the undergarments in your garage in Miami. Is this true and what inspired you to embark on this new journey?
Because I live in Florida part of the time – I like the idea that you can dive into the ocean then dry off and take a ride in my truck and never change.

Weberbilt's slogan is "For the man who doesn't wear underwear". What does that mean?
I'm intrigued because I never wear any. It’s about time everybody is free.

All your underwear is made in New York City. Why did you choose to keep your operation local? Because I am a local boy and I like to support the people who are still making clothes in New York City.

I'm very excited about Josh Cocktail and Loggy performing for you in the Biergarten. Do they represent the Weberbilt man or are you just a fan of their music? I’m a big fan of their music. They just did the music for a film I made for Moncler – Josh just wrote a great new song called “Necessary Evil”, it is very special.

Bruce Weber's W Mag Shoot - see more here

In your pop-up shop, you're selling Cornelia Guest's cookies (to die for!!!) as well as offering haircuts by Thom Priano to benefit Save The Children. What other friends have you lent a helping hand to lately and how? I'm really involved in the good work happening at Green Chimneys in Brewster, NY – they are doing wonderful work with children and animals and I am proud to be part of that.

Lastly, where does your shoot at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach with Kate Moss for W Magazine fall in your list of favorite shoots? Come on. Indulge me… We were shooting for W Magazine in Miami and I thought of my second home which is The Standard as a place where I feel comfortable enough to take the pictures that I believe in – they have always been kind to my crew and assistants and some of my favorite massage therapists work there.

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