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Does Chloé Really Hate to Dance?

The Standard: You have been part of one of the most important Parisian club at the end of the 90's: Le Pulp. Could you explain in what ways Le Pulp was so special?

Chloé: At that time there were very few clubs offering such a diversity in music and mixed-up people. Pulp had its own way of living, owned and ruled by girls, it was a big 'dysfunctional family'! We invited a lot of different kinds of DJs, producers we loved, rock bands, whatever that was good and loud. I grew up with le Pulp as a resident DJ, I really felt home like nowhere. It has closed few years ago and I have the feeling something special happened in this little crappy place.

Do you think the best club of its time can be the center of the world?

Best clubs do sometimes exist, but for a very short time as "the center" is always moving. I don't like things to be too centered anymore, it has to be a bit shifted.

Chloé Distant (Kill The DJ)

Your first release was brilliantly called 'I Hate Dancing'. Is that completely right?

I imagined I could produce a record without thinking it should be danceable. Probably this is how I've named the track. This track was taken from my very first EP Erosoft released in 2002 on Parisian label Karat. I grew up with music, all kinds of music. I played guitar, trying to replay some tracks I knew, started to produce on a four track mixer. I've discovered the raves and clubs scene in the '90s, analog synthesizers and samplers. I like the idea of playing and also producing music for people, for clubs of course, but also not as I find a lot of good music in all kinds of music. This is what I like, more than dancing.

Your music has been described as 'dark' and 'sensual'. If you had to describe your style in one movie what would it be?

There are a lot of movies... Klute from Allan J. Pakula: there's a nice call girl (Jane Fonda) and gradually it appears some fear and thrill. I specially like the voiceover during the whole movie.

And in a book?

For a book, I would choose the biography Elsa Aragon by Dominique Desanti, an interesting portrait about Louis Aragon's wife. It says a lot about dadaism and surrealism.

Chloé's mix for NYC label Throne Of Blood

As one of the co-founder of famous Parisian label 'Kill The DJ', do you think electronic music is better and more diverse now than ten years ago?

Today electronic music is everywhere, in a lot of different styles. There are more producers and DJs. It has become more difficult to find good music but I still spend a lot of time searching for it!

Sunday March 16, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring CHloé (Throne of Blood / Paris) and Max Pask (Throne of Blood, New York). 9pm-3am. The Standard, High Line.

Meet Chloé on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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