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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Speeds to Le Bain

The Standard: You have been touring North America to promote the new album. Racing good time or a bit of a drag?

Josh Epstein: Touring is like the best friend you've known forever whom you always want to make plans with because you miss him or her while apart. After three days together, though, you start feeling like you need some space. You have your moments that are forever memorable, and so much down time there aren't enough books on the bus to fill it.

Could you describe it with a metaphor?

I think I just described it with a simile? A metaphor would be, "touring is a wise owl who sometimes is too tired to be smart anymore."

What do you miss the most about Detroit when you travel?

There is so much 'social capital' in Detroit. Everyone knows everyone and it feels like a small community. You tend to miss that when you're away.

You will be celebrating the release of your new album The Speed Of Things at Le Bain. If you have to describe it using a book, which one would you pick?

Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff. We read his book after we finished our record and it is literally about the same stuff. He is more eloquent though, and probably a lot smarter.

And a movie?

The Goonies- because it's fun at first, but hopefully you'll want to watch it each time it's on cable.

Your biography says you aim to produce a "more dynamic form of pop music." Do you think that is the best way to describe your music?

Hopefully it is pop with some weight.

Is that how you might describe your DJ set set on Wednesday, "dance music with some weight"?

We like all sorts of stuff. I think a DJ set is really just playing what you want to hear and thereby communicating your aesthetic. Hopefully it will be a rowdy dance party.

Is the title of your album The Speed of Things, a reference to the NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

It actually was a coincidence. That title is taken from a lyric on the record, "I am so inundated by the speed of things".

Let's go back to Detroit. Who are your favorite all time top 5 artists from there?

Stevie Wonder - He is proof that God exists.
Marvin Gaye - The smoothest man who ever was.
Barry Sanders - He was a total artist on the football field.
Jack White - He does things his way and I respect that.
Ian Sigmon - he is a motion designer who has made some of the most brilliant things I've seen. And he inspires your brain when you hang out with him.

What is the best thing to do in Detroit right now? Any ideas on how to get it back on track?

Detroit is great. Go eat, dance and be merry. Even gamble if you like! I would make it so that you had to live in or use any property you bought immediately so people couldn't speculate so much. We probably could use a Standard Hotel sometime soon.

Wednesday October 9, Le Bain presents 'The Speed of Things' release party featuring DJ sets by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Jon Zott and Party Provider. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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