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Club Kids? Club Yes!

The Standard: A lot of crews and hosts are involved in your Wednesday party. Is there a House of YES?

De Se: There was never a House of YES. Right now there is a new movement of creatives and nightlife personalities who all recently met in the last year through different parties. We all share the same interest in art, style and music. We all support each other and there are many kids in our community who are out there doing big things and are very successful. Everyone we involve as host are all big stars in our community. The success of these people give more recognition to our community and that helps the party become bigger. The party grows out of love and support! We also felt it was important to provide a home that combined everybody meaning gay, straight, and trans friendly! We say yes to everybody's rage!

Technotronic Pump Up The Jam "Right Now the 90's have a big impact on YES"

Are you ok to define YES as a 'futuristic NYC club kid' party? Were the original 'club kids' of the 90's a big influence for you?

I like the idea of Club Yes being a futuristic club kid party. We are not trying to replicate anything from the past. If we appropriate the past we put an unexpected twist on things. We love giving looks that both shock and stimulate your senses. Our community is very aware of the newest hottest things going on way before they reach the mainstream. Kids of Club YES are also not afraid to to try new things. Right now the 90's seem to have a big impact at our party but everyone is always giving it a fun current twist. The Y2K era is slowly making a come back through music and fashion and we will soon start getting into that look with our own take.

In what sense do you think YES is a 'social' party?

It's a home for our community to meet and catchup and expand their network. Le Bain is a venue that makes this fun and possible. Our guest are able to socialize over a drink on the roof and downstairs in the lounge area. When the socializing is done people hit the dance floor and it just turns into a beautiful night! Yes!

How would you define the sound of YES?

The sound of YES is new and fresh. We combine many elements (house, trap, hip hop, edm, raggaeton, dembow, rnbass) that all currently have a big appeal to our community. This is all carried out by our resident DJs The Good Kids and Anthony Dicap. We often invite guest DJs who are either new and talented or have tons of DJ and street credit, like Mess Kid, Edmily, Juliana Huxtable, and Brenmar.

Le Bain presents 'Club Yes' with Melissa Burns and De Se featuring Anthony Dicap and the Good Kids behind the decks and the Dolls. Every Wednesday. The Standard, High Line. Doors 10pm.

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