Closing out Art Basel on a Lazy Sunday

Art Basel is finally over, however just before everyone pulled the big plug, there was one final bash by our pool attended by all the cuties who decided to stay the final Sunday. Thank god they did. The annual BBQ party, hosted together with Le Baron began at 2pm with delicious drinks and grub while oozing into the sunset hour. People kept dancing and didn't leave our decks as the evening firmed up. Those who weren't dancing to the beats of Misshapes, Mia Moretti, and Mike Nouveau were jumping into the bay or joining a paddleboard race. The sugar daddies of the party were Kanon Vodka and Native Shoes (which was kind enough to lace each guest with swag). We're quite certain the most resounding comment of the day was: "This was the best way to end Art Basel".

All Photo from Rony's Photobooth

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