Carl Craig in Alex's Heart

Psyche Neurotic Behaviour (Tokyo Black Star Remix)

ALEX FROM TOKYO: Carl Craig’s music under his many different pseudonyms, through so many different styles, has been a very big inspiration for me since getting into electronic music in my teenage days in late 80s/early 90s. I was so honored when Carl asked me to do a remix of one of his tracks for the 20th anniversary of his excellent Planet E label in 2011. As Tokyo Black Star, we made a re-interpretation of Carl’s very first ambient track Neurotic Behavior under his early Psyche pseudo, which you can find on one of my fave' Carl Craig’s Psyche/BFC ambient/electronic compilations: Elements 1989-1990.

Theo Parrish Falling Up (Carl Craig remix)

I remember when this came out in 2005 when I was in Tokyo. We went crazy about this record and we used to play it all the time! It's such a simple, stripped down, straight to the point hypnotic and thrilling deep house dance floor killer with an incredible bassline and a huge sound! A real Tokyo underground classic!

Junior Boys Like A Child (Carl Craig remix)

There's so much beautiful and crazy music that I love from Carl Craig. I featured this track in a mix CD I released in Japan in 2008. The remix still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. The main arpeggio synth line and the pads kill me - some of his best remix work from the past couple of years. The way he transforms this great song into this deep, hypnotic, slow-building 10-minutes-long deep house anthem is pure magic!

Friday, May 8th, Le Bain presents Carl Craig. Opening set by Alex from Tokyo. 10pm-4am. The Standard, High Line.

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