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Best of the Small Press

Who doesn’t love wading through a stack of the world’s most interesting magazines, with their odd shapes, thick stocks and artfully arranged layouts? In fact, you can do this yourself at any of our Standard Shops in New York, Los Angeles or Miami. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed in the Autumn issues so far...

Dansk Magazine, Issue 30

"The World's Most Independent Fashion Magazine", pays tribute to André Leon Talley, "the World's Most Outrageous Fashion Icon", in a beautiful spread shot by Andrew Vowels. Floor length capes and fur hats came by way of The National Theater. The other looks came by way of J.W. Anderson, Prada, Christopher Kane, and Versace.

Dear Dave, Issue 14

Dear Dave shows off a few colorful pieces from Martin Denker who uses pop, psychedelia and science fiction to create his mind-blasting photo montages.

Dazed and Confused, Vol. III/25

"To mark a season of contrasts," Dazed & Confused shot 50 looks from the Fall/Winter collections with a slew of top photographers and stylists in a "distorted, reinterpreted and pushed-to-new-extremes" manner. The first few pages, styled by Alastair McKimm (fashion director for The Last Magazine) were our favorites.

Marfa Journal, Issue 1

The first issue of Marfa Journal, a publication inspired by Marfa, TX and its' "cultural disorder", hit the ground running with spreads that explore the counterculture in today's editorial world. Hans Eijkelboom, an Amsterdam born artist, investigates the influence of appearance and clothing on the relationship between the individual and identity. Here's what he had to say about his "10-Euro Outfits."

Do you think most people have a desire to look unique?
The whole myth of uniqueness is just a part of the capitalist system. I don't think people need to look unique at all, rather the opposite.

How would the human race have attempted to look generic if we didn't have fashion?
If fashion had a less dominant role in the social conscious, our clothing would've been much more connected to the work we're doing and weather conditions.

How much time do you spend on thinking what to wear?
I spend a little time on thinking about my own clothes, but a lot of time on thinking about clothes in general.

Garage, No. 5

Using back issues of National Geographic, collage artist, Cyprien Gaillard superimposes the past onto the present like a theatrical backdrop that creates provocative sculptures. His upcoming show From Wings to Fin opens October 15 at Sprüth Magners, London.

Purple Fashion Magazine, Vol. III/20

Self-proclaimed artistic anomaly Luigi Ontani talks with Purple about his castle RomAmor in Rome, his long time journey with art and his struggle with barbaric reality. We struggled to follow his train of thought: "For me art wasn't, and it still isn't, a form or non-commitment. There is an ethic of non belonging. I've never tolerated political correctness."


There's something quite pleasing about this burst of yellow and black on the cover of ArtForum. Camille Henrot's Grosse Fatigue is part macabre Easter Egg, part marble object; fully arresting.

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