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Benjamin Röder's Music Collages

The Standard: When did you start making these collages?

Benjamin Röder: I started in 2010, I went to many flee markets and I had a lot of spare record covers.

Do you use a computer?

No computers, I use glue and an exacto knife. You cant scale the sizes of the record, I put them together as they are.

Does it look like a brand new vinyl cover or more like a collage?

It looks more like a vinyl cover because I present them in plastic sleeves. Its important that they are presented in their sleeves as they are, and not in a glass frame like a painting. The plastic acts as a frame.

Do you mostly use record cover from the 80's or is it a mix?

Yes, I like the 80’s airbrush style combined with German new age psychedelic aesthetic. But I also like mixing styles from different decades not exclusively the 80's, creating different metaphors.

Who are your favorite top 3 all time record cover designers?


How would you define yourself as an artist? Is you DJing part of a more multidisciplinary way of your artistic expression?

I make a living. I studied sculpture at university and I get up and go to bed sensible to live my aesthetic. I love djing!

Do you think collage with artwork is like sampling with music? Do you approach DJing like you do with collage?

Of course. It’s precisely the same.

Who are your favorite Munich artists?

Tambien, Henry Gilles, and Tim Wolff - We will be exhibiting his new drawings this saturday at my club Charlie in Munich.

What is the greatest thing to do in Munich right now?

People like to go to Octoberfest.

This Sunday October 6, Benjamin Röder (Permanent Vacation, Munich) will be performing a DJ set for sunset at Le Bain. The party goes on late at night with Plastic Plates (Los Angeles) and the Rinsed boys, Blacky II and Dan Wender. The Standard, High Line.

Benjamin Röder's website

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