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Because You Always Forget Your Razor

It seems no matter how fervently you promise yourself, "I will not forget my razor," somehow, more times that you'd like to admit, it manages to stay behind. If you're ever been caught at The Standard in such a predicament, you're in luck. In fact, you're probably getting an upgrade thanks to Harry's x The Standard custom shave kit, now conveniently located in your minibar.

The Harry's x The Standard Shave Set, which includes a sexy red handle and travel size shave cream, is available for $15 in-room, online and in-store at The Standard Shop.

Now, people can be pretty curmudgeonly when it comes to shaving. "I love my Mach 3" or "Disposables work fine for me" and what not. Wake up and smell the sandalwood. Everything about this razor is nicer, from the ergonomics to the German engineered steel. The best part is that you no longer have to suffer the indignity of finding a Duane Reade clerk to unlock that pointless plastic door thing-y. Your blades and cream simply arrive at your doorstep.

We celebrated the collaboration the other evening with some blade on blade action at the ice rink in the Plaza at The Standard, High Line.

Blades on blades

Harry's founder Jeff Raider lacing up.

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Images courtesy of Joy Jacobs

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