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Annie O Presents: Coyle Girelli

The Chevin frontman, Coyle Girelli released his highly anticipated debut solo album “Love Kills” on September 21 this year. A sweeping cinematic dark, lusty and soulful Americana record widely hailed as a masterpiece, “Love Kills” showcases one of the greatest vocalists in modern music at the top of his game. “He croons like Orbison and emotes like Elvis and as delivered a sumptuously produced, Spectoresque album that explores the pleasures and pains of love” - The Independent
Tell us about your new album and the collaboration with Mac Davis?

Mac was introduced to my music after watching a performance with The Chevin on “Late Show with David Letterman.” We got together to write and really hit it off writing a whole load of songs. Writing those songs had such a deep and profound effect on me and set me on the path to creating “Love Kills.” Only one of the songs from these sessions ended up on the album - “Never Thought I’d See You Again” but these sessions set the tone and deeply changed me as an artist and songwriter. At some point I will sit down and release those Mac songs as a whole album.

This is your first solo album -How does the sound departs from the band you were in, The Chevin?

The dark Americana sound on “Love Kills" is very different from The Chevin. I feel like I let my voice lead the way with these songs and lyrically this is the most honest album i’ve ver made.

What is the story behind the title and the track “Love Kills”?

Love Kills is good old fashioned heartbreak album. The best kind.

You have been involved in various projects , like producing other artists, writing songs for very successful French musicals-what else are you working on These days?

I have! I keep myself busy. I’m already working on the follow up to Love Kills as well as finishing a Christmas EP that’s about to be released as well as writing and producing plenty of music for other artists. I set up a label here in NY a couple of years ago called Honey Lemon Records and have been releasing music by several artists through that including Livia Blanc and May. And I’m working on several very very exciting musicals which i’m not allowed to talk about right now because it’s all top secret.

David Letterman said of you “If I had a voice like that, I d run for president, which brings us to how is music connected to politics and are you voting in Nov? 

Music has always been intertwined with politics. Sometimes it’s able to say the unspeakable or make a express an emotion of point of view in a more subtle way than a speech or a film can. I certainly think we need more protest songs about things that matter and less songs about designer brands, cars and Xanax. I’m English so unfortunately I couldn’t vote in this election but am as active as I can be as a resident alien. 

Where are you based these days?

I've lived in New York City for the last several years and love it. It continues to inspire me on the daily basis. Though the cost of rent could definitely be lower though. 

Are you touring with the new record? 

I have been starting to perform the album with my new band here in New York and will be touring the album wider in 2019. 

What can we expect from your show at The Standard, East Village?

A collection of big, beautiful, dark Americana love songs. A sound that maybe you haven’t heard before. And the best male vocalist in the world singing from the soul.

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