An 'Artopia' Pops Up in Chinatown

Here's what LA Weekly's Artopia WILL contain:

• An adult-sized, hand-painted bouncy castle by Alia Penner

• Poppybombing by Christy Roberts

• Dancers covered in "paper architecture" by Amy Fortunato

• Your very own Los Angeles to play with courtesy of urban planner James Rojas

• A simulation of Spring Break by Drew Denny

• "Flavor trips" conceptualized by underground chef Isaiah Frizzell

• A punk dance party with DJ Keith Morris (yes, the Keith Morris from Black Flag and Circle Jerks)

• A live set of future punk classics by FIDLAR

• A Mosh-pit of scented Gulaal pigments by The Institute for Art and Olfaction

• Food trucks galore, and a bunch of top-shelf booze sponsors

• Human Beings by Goldnbones

Here's what LA Weekly's Artopia will NOT contain:

• Fancy schmancy people sipping bad wine and making awkward small talk in front of boring paintings

All the art for LA Weekly's Artopia is curated by the clever kids at Mastodon Mesa.

Click HERE for tickets.

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