Primetime: Alex McBride’s Guide to the Perfect New York Day

A few months back, we launched a little thing called Standard Time, a new service that lets you come and go as you please by doing away with prescribed check-in and check-out times. Can we get a hallelujah? 

Australia's Alex McBride knows a thing or two about time. As the owner of The 5th Watches, time is his business. On the fifth day of each month, the company releases exclusive watch models for five days only. The price point for these sleek designs makes the wait for each collection worth your time. 

As a regular visitor to New York, McBride has his rituals. When he came to stay at The Standard, High Line a few weeks back, we asked him to lay out his ideal day from morning to late-night. 

Although I often travel to NYC for work, whenever I come here I’m always blown away. I step off the plane each time thinking, "How big of a sensory overload can I have? What new experiences can I try? Which cool people could I meet?" The city is amazing, and I get an enormous amount of inspiration from its energy and people.

A well-balanced visit always includes quality food and drinks, shopping, a bit of a buzz from the nightlife, and some exercise at one of my favorite workout spots. And as my usual routine goes, I’ll manage to squeeze it all in around work.

There’s nothing better than arriving at The Standard, High Line, feeling shabby but excited, fresh off a 30-hour flight. After crossing the bridge and taking in the views, it’s quite the sight taking in all the interesting people hanging in the lobby.



In a city full of beautiful and healthy-looking people, it makes you want to get in the gym and sort yourself out, so a workout at Dogpound is essential. And with so much fast-paced, high energy action going on, I also find it important to get some meditation time in at MNDFL. Then it’s off to brunch at Buvette


Jeffrey (Timeout)
It’s usually such a rush whenever I’m in town, which means I don’t get a great deal of time to shop. (It's also bad, I know, but I usually skip lunch, too.) Luckily for me, close to The Standard, High Line is one of my favorite stores, Jeffrey. It’s full of some of my favorite designers, including Rick Owens, so I can always find something fresh there.


Employees Only
Employee’s Only, SoHo House, and Please Don't Tell are all good places to kick a night off, and they all get you into the right vibe. 



With so many choices, it’s hard to pick a favorite for dinner, but some would include Narcissa and Catch


Sleep No More

In a city that doesn’t sleep, you can always find a lot to do at night. I could find myself at any of the following: The Box, Queen of the Night, Sleep No More, or Duane Park.


Up & Down
You’ll find me at Up and Down or Never Never. No rest for the wicked!

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