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AHBS Party with Higher Beings

RIO URIBE: What does AHBS mean?
AHBS : First, it's about a lifestyle, striving for your own personal excellence; second, it's our initials combined.

Explain the title Mate y Agave?
It's the elixir we were under the influence of when we were writing the whole album. It's also a nod to ​AHARAW's ​A​rgentine upbringing. Gauchos have been drinking mate for hundreds of years - and this is our twist on a classic.

AHBS Toca Me feat. K. Rizz and Jay Boogie

Describe your perfect Sunday?
Headlining the last night at Coachella.

Do you believe in aliens?
I am certain of our alien ancestry. Without a doubt, yes. Like the ancient Egyptians, we plan on partying with the higher beings.

If you were going to lose your virginity tonight, what song would be playing?
Jay Boogie's "Cuerpo", off his LP Allure or K Rizz's "Body High" off her upcoming LP Wanted.

Thanks Gypsy It's Friday Vol.1 by Doom Dab DJs

Monday, June 8th. Doom Dab & Le Bain present AHBS Mate y Agave Album Release Party. Sunset sets from DOOM DAB DJs (AHBS/HD) featuring live Vocals from K Rizz, Jay Boogie and Dick Van Dick. Hosted by Gypsy Sport, Nicky Ottav and To.Be. Doors 8pm sharp. The Standard, High Line.

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