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A Killer Time with Anthony

Evan Michael: I wanted to to start off with your latest release for Have A Killer Time. How did these three tracks come together?

Anthony Collins: These tracks were all made in the same period - just me jamming out with hardware in the studio. I wanted to get something really raw, old Chicago house style, almost booty tech at some points. Like on the lead track featuring Big Willy, those vocals were actually recorded four years ago when I was recording my first album, but I never used them at the time. When I was going deep into my hard drive, I stumbled upon them and they fit perfectly with this drum track I was working on. It was like magic.

Who is Big Willy?

Big Willy is a sleazy ass pimp, but he says it all in the track - just listen.

You’ve recently set up a production studio with Francis Harris. What are your day-­to­-day activities there?

I usually get down to the studio around noon and we get straight into working on music. Whether it’s our own work or a job we were hired for, like mixdowns or full-on productions for clients, usually mixed with A&R for Scissor & Thread, and the usual label business.

I’ve heard you’re quite the record collector. Have you found any stores in New York that you’re especially keen on?

The same way I am with gear, that's how I am now with Discogs. That site is ruining my savings by the minute! In NYC, my main shop for current releases is Halcyon, but the city is also really great for second hand records. A1 Records is perfect, not only selection-wise, but the way the shop is so well organized. Normally all those second hand shops are such a mess and can be quite frustrating.

What are you consistently looking for?

I'm always looking for hidden gems, obscure b­-sides, vinyl-only material. DJs these days are too lazy and just tend to play the obvious bangers when there is an entire world of undiscovered masterpieces just waiting in those bins for whoever is courageous enough to get off their ass and dig in!

What are a few tracks you have in your traveling DJ bag at the moment?

Model 500 ­Starlight. Frank & Tony What You Believe. Four Tet Aerial (Jay Daniel Remix).

As a recent Parisian transplant, this will also be your first time playing at Le Bain. They have a very delicious crêperie on the roof and it got me thinking: what is your favorite filling?

Hmm, it’s hard because I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I would say chocolate, banana, and coconut!

Saturday, November 8th, Le Bain presents Anthony Collins and Evan Michael. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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