3 Performances, 1 Night

This Friday, September 13th, mmhmmm at The Standard, Hollywood presents a trifecta of talent with live performances by Adrian Alan, Self (of Live Manikins), and Kasi Jones. Each of these artists have something to celebrate and we're going to help them in typical mmhmmm style: with panache and a lot of dancing!

Adrian Alan's style is a mix of pop and funk saturated with soul. He recently released an EP “The Adrian Hibbs Project” which was produced by Scotty Hard (Wutang, MMW, Boogie Down Productions). Kasi Jones is a dynamo on the LA music scene. Her sound has classic rock n soul leanings with a twist of pop music and dashes of jazz and new wave/electronica. The video for her newest single, "Beautiful Liar", just launched a few days ago. Big things are happening for Self. He recently moved to Los Angeles and just released a new EP, "The Birth". Check out the first single, a duet with Kasi Jones!

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