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Zoe Buckman: He Calls This Talk Banter....

Watch the making of Zoe Buckman's “He Calls This Talk Banter”, which can be seen on display now at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach throughout Art Basel. If you’re in the area, we encourage you to stop by and walk through the property to experience them for yourselves before it closes on December 10.

Buckman’s latest body of work addresses violence and the domestic sphere. Taking statements that the artist has either said, heard, remembered or read in the past year pertaining to sexual violence, bleeding, and BDSM, the artist first created embroidered works and is now presenting three pieces in neon at The Standard Hotel, Miami.
Inaction is Apathy uses text from a piece of writing the artist did following the murder of Nia Wilson. The embroidered work on a vintage tea towel was then made into a billboard with For Freedoms.
The pieces speak to the concept that in this climate: inaction and apathy are tantamount to violence and that we all have a responsibility to do what we can to make this a safer and more just country for everyone. 
He calls this talk banter addresses the idea of so-called locker-room talk, and examines the complicated behavior and lack of accountability by men in today’s rape culture. 

Finally, “Is everything okay back there, Miss?” speaks to the collective experience of women, and normalizing of violence in our society.


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