Vermut: The Inside Scoop

Jara introduces our weekly "Vermut" with sounds and flavors to jazz up the island. We sat down with our Director of Food and Beverage at The Standard, Ibiza to give the low-down on all things Vermouth and the history behind the Spanish tradition.

Where does the term "Vermouth" come from?

Vermouth is a word of French origin that means 'without dyeing'. It comes from the French vermout or vermouth, which in turn derive from the German wermut. It is important to know that it is not related to distillates, a mistake that can easily be made. In short, it is a wine macerated in herbs, composed of red wine, wormwood and other bitter substances.

What is "Vermouth Time"?

Traditionally, vermouth takes place before lunch (between twelve to one o'clock noon) to whet the appetite. Although in recent years this drink has been displaced by others such as beer or wine, vermouth is still considered the most elegant and well-known aperitif. Everyone knows that when you meet for a vermouth, you are meeting to sit on a terrace before lunch and wash down a simple snack with vermouth.

Where did "Vermouth Time" originate from?

According to some historians, the time of the vermouth came from the Spanish Postwar period, when many had to look for two jobs to survive. Thus, lunch time moved to the free space between morning work and afternoon work, and with it also moved the vermouth time. However, the most accepted theory among experts is that this vermouth time was popularized by the tradition of going to mass on Sundays. After going to church, families would take advantage of this time before retiring to eat to enjoy a moment in bars and taverns.

What should never be missing at Vermouth?

There is something fundamental when serving vermouth, and that is that the drink must be very cold. In addition, it is complemented with some green olives. Of course, the accompaniment is key, and there are many possibilities to choose the appetizer: mussels, cockles, patatas bravas, potato omelettes, etc.

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