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These Are a Few of Artist Chris Golden’s Fa-vor-ite Things

One of the great pleasures of working with artists to create installations for us is watching them develop and explore new styles before our very eyes. Multidisciplinary designer/illustrator Chris Golden is a perfect example. In May 2014, Golden installed his work in The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. And now, he’s taken over the 6th Street Mural at The Standard, Downtown LA. In that time, Chris’ work has undergone a subtle, but mesmerizing evolution. Where the visuals in his Box installation were sort of retro-futuristic glam, his current work is softer, soothing, and almost child-like. Nonetheless, both are clearly Golden’s work — a continuum of creativity — and we can’t help but wonder where he’ll be a year from now. Since we already know Chris pretty well, we thought we’d have him tell us about the things that have been inspiring him of late. Check out his muses below, but first watch his mural come to life in the video.

WAVES: Animated Mural Video from chris golden on Vimeo.

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