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The "Würst" Time of Year

Team Biergarten float in the annual German Day parade in New York last weekend.

With Oktoberfest looming, beer and sausages naturally come to mind. For those who didn't make it into the tents in Munich, where better to get a taste of the back-slapping, fraulein-goosing, tipsy-for-a-week tradition than the Biergartens at The Standard, High Line and Downtown LA? You won't leave hungry or, likely, sober. Not wasted, but wursted with Bratwurst, Bernerwurst, Cheddar Kurtwurst, Bavarian Weisswurst, Gerflugelwurst and Currywurst. And then there's Sauerkraut, the Wurstsalad and Apple strudel. Get the picture? It's the marching band spirit of Oktoberfest with gallons—or at least Pints—of Bittburger Pilsner, Licher Heffewiesen or Kostritzer Black Lager. What happens next? Break out the lederhosen or break into someone else's? As they say in Munich, what happens in the biergarten stays in the biergarten ...


If there ever was a time to enjoy The Standard, Downtown LA's wonderful Wunderbar lunch on the roof.


Can't deal the crowd at the bar? Ever dream of a table hooked up directly to the tap? No we didn't ... oh but we did. Welcome to the Stammtisch tables at New York Biergarten. You pay by the hour and we pipe in as much beer as you can drink ... RESPONSIBLY!! Call (212) 645-4100 or email for reservations.

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